MORRISBURG – At the Jan. 30 regular meeting, council agreed to reconsider a request from the Morrisburg Junior Lions’ Club (the Club) to host a Special Occasion Permit to sell alcohol at home games.

The club proposed to make an application to the alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario for the permit, cover any additional insurance costs and provide Smart Serve attendants.

In the fall of 2022, the hockey club was turned down when they requested an exemption from policy 9.1, which is the municipality’s alcohol policy. The exemption would have allowed the club to apply for a liquor licence for the sale of alcohol during their games.

The issue was brought to council as a discussion item at the Jan. 9 regular meeting by Deputy Mayor Marc St. Pierre, who said a couple members of council had been approached by members of the Lions organization asking that the decision be reconsidered. St. Pierre stressed that he was just bringing the question to council. “All I’m basically asking is do we want to reconsider,” said St. Pierre, “Do we want to reconsider supporting a liquor licence for the junior “C” games?

At that time, following lengthy discussion, the matter was deferred to be brought back to council at their next meeting on Jan. 30 with additional information gathered from staff and through meetings with the hockey club.

At the Jan. 30 meeting, David Jansen, the municipality’s director of parks, recreation and facilities explained that staff are happy to work with the club in their application to the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario to seek approval of a Liquor Sales Licence at the facility.

Outlined in the report prepared for council’s consideration were pros and cons from a staff, facility, and risk management perspective.

Following discussion, the request was supported following a motion by Coun. Ward and seconded by Deputy Mayor St. Pierre to exempt the club from the municipality’s alcohol policy. “The Junior C Lions’ Hockey Club have been a good partner through our Tubie Weekend and have excellent results in this area,” said Mayor Broad.