As demand for his service grows, so does the size of his fleet of vehicles. Zack Rumohr has built a business out of recycling and relocating household items from people who no longer need them, to those who can make use of them.  Courtesy Photo

BRINSTON – For most people the desire to clean up and clear out is a regular occurrence; it could involve mulching or removing the leaves that cover their lawn in the fall, the urge to roll up their sleeves and dive into some spring cleaning and even the need after the holidays to get rid of things that have outlived their usefulness, and which have been replaced by a newer, shinier version.

Deciding that it is time to clean house however is the easy part. What to do with former treasures is something else completely. Small items can probably go out in the trash, but what happens if you engage in an aggressive, down, and dirty, no-holds-barred cleanup that requires a trip or two to the dump? If you have access to a pickup or trailer that could be the answer, but local landfills have limited hours, which may not align with your schedule, and who wants to drive around with a load of junk in the back until the right opportunity presents itself?

Wouldn’t it be nice to just have someone drop-off a trailer for a couple days and then just come and pick it up and take it away? That is exactly the niche in the marketplace that Z. R. Waste Removal has taken over, and they are finding that it is a service that many people need, often more than once!

  1. R. Waste Removal, located in Brinston, Ontario is owned by Zach Rumohr; a member of the South Dundas Chamber of Commerce, Rumohr does much more than just truck trash and yard waste away, he also plays a part in the recycling process of reduce, reuse, recycle. While many of the things he carts away have outlived their usefulness, others are just in need of a little TLC and a new home. Rumohr has discovered that many people don’t want to be bothered with trying to sell, or even give away things they no longer want or need. They just want them gone and are willing to pay someone to make it happen.

“If it has to do with waste, I’ve basically got my toe in it,” says Rumohr. “In the spring and the fall, I do yard cleanups. I’ll go in and rake or blow the leaves and sticks and take them away for my hourly rate plus the removal costs.

For things that have a recyclable value, Rumohr works with several other recyclers (Fast Eddie, A and S Recycling) for things like copper and aluminum. For household items, however, he acts something like a clearing house, getting things people need to the people who need them. “If, for example, someone comes to me and says they are looking for a dresser for a kid’s room, I’ll watch for one and tell them to either come and get it or I’ll sell it to them for $5 or $10.

“I try to have at least one yard sale per year,” says Rumohr. “Last year I rented the Matilda Hall in Dixons Corners, and I filled at least three-quarters of that hall with stuff and I’m selling it for like pennies on the dollar. It’s not really my income, it’s just my way of giving back and getting my name out there. I’m getting paid for it once by picking it up, I don’t really need to get paid for it again, right? I try to do my own little transfer station for my own area.”

Rumohr has a range of prices for the many services he offers, and he provides a list of what each service costs to avoid confusion. Free estimates are available and can be completed online provided the client is able to send photos showing what is involved or provide a list of what is to be taken away.

As his business grows, so does Z. W. Waste Removal’s list of equipment.

“I’ve got my original blue trailer, that’s the one that usually stays with me, I’ve got the 10 cubic yard rental trailer, I’ve got a five cubic yard rental trailer and I’m in the process of building another five cubic yard rental trailer which should be completed by next week. I also hope to add another 10-yard trailer by summer.”

Week of March 23 is Z.R. Waste Removal’s week of savings. “I’m going into my third full year of doing this with the name to myself. The week of March 23 is the week that I actually put a name to myself, so I usually have my week of savings, and this is how I try to help other people. I do heavy discounts on everything that I do, like $30 off on a full trailer load and $20 off on a half trailer load. As well, if you book me the week of March 23 for some time in August, I’ll still honour that discounted price.

  1. R. Waste Removal can be contacted by email at or by phone at 613-803-1230 or through Facebook at Z.R. Waste Removal+.

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