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Job hunting made simple

WINCHESTER – Stepping into the job market for the first time or returning to it after being away for a while or being retired can be terrifying, challenging and discouraging all at the same time.

But it does not have to be that way.

There are people out there who want nothing more than to give you their support, advice and encouragement as you take on the challenge of finding your place in the job marketplace.

Those people are waiting for you at JobZone d’emploi.

JobZone d’emploi is a non-profit organization with offices in Cornwall, and Winchester and an office in Morrisburg where services are offered once a week. Funding for the organization comes from the Ministry of Labour, Immigration, Training and Skills Development.

Staff there want to invite people who need their help to guide, assist and prepare them with career counselling.

JobZone d’emploi staff have on hand professionals who can help not just job seekers but also businesses looking for employees.

Employers can take advantage of research and information about the local labour force, provided by JobZone d’emploi. They have an employer services’ team that work with businesses.

The organization also posts employment opportunities, and provides human resources support for planning and recruitment.

Those looking for work receive career counselling, job opportunities, and access to the community and outreach services.

Vicki Muir is an employment consultant at the Winchester office.

She explained, through their employment counselling services, they help people find work that aligns with their skills, experience, and employment goals.

JobZone d’emploi has been offering many of its programs for a number of years. There are several programs to cater to different groups of job seekers.

“We help people see where their employability is on a certain level,” said Muir.

Sometimes people will want to work in an area where they have no skills or experience. Sometimes they are able to take part in a placement program that includes them learning those missing skills to make them more marketable.

Muir explained that is one way to see if a client can realistically succeed in that particular position.

She said, “There are opportunities to help folks decide whether or not a job is a good fit or whether it is realistic, and if it will work out.”

Putting a skill set aside, Muir believes that most employers look for a positive  attitude first in a new hire and then look at the training aspect later.

“If someone comes in with a good personality, and attitude, then an employer will be willing to provide any necessary training.”

Depending on the job applicant, and the circumstances, JobZone d’emploi will sometimes provide wage incentives to a prospective employer to help offset the cost of hiring new employees.

The incentives are designed to help an employer and a potential employee see if they will be able to create a good match.

The idea is not to just help job seekers and employers come together but to ensure that the right job seekers and right employers are a match.

Muir said, matches are made based on the barriers that may exist for a job seeker regarding a particular job, and the learning and skill level that the job requires.

One-on-one thoughtful counselling by JobZone d’emploi staff makes all the difference.

The programs and services offered free of charge to job seekers include job search support, resources and information, job matching, placement and incentives, job training and retention, referrals to community resources and programs.

There is also help offered when writing resumés, help with completing applications for training funds, employment and training support, career clarification. Youth between the ages of 16 and 29 not in school, have other programs they can take part in like: paid pre-employment and training, job matching, mentorship services, ongoing assistance when transitioning to work and or education.

The first step for employers and job seekers is to get in touch with the staff at JobZone d’emploi to find out about the full list of programs help and advice they offer.

With their help, and guidance both employees, and employers are the winners.

JobZone d’emploi locations are in Cornwall can be reached at 613-933-9675. They are at 144 Pitt Street. The Winchester office is at 533 Fred Street. Their number is 613-774-5627. Email is: info@jobzonedemploi.ca

Web site is www.jobzonedemploi.ca


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