2022 Budget Courtesy photo

WINCHESTER – The annual 2022 North Dundas report to taxpayers gives residents a look at the accomplishments of the municipality over the past year, and ongoing projects expected to start in 2023.

The report gives the North Dundas taxpayer a look at where all their taxes were spent in 2022.

The municipality has stated its ongoing commitment to provide the best recreational facilities that it can. As a result, several recreational initiatives were undertaken in 2022 that help residents get out and have some fun. Several upgrades were made at different locations in the township.

“Ten Spins” were installed in the Morewood Community Park, 100 Club Park and Rick Cauvier Memorial Park; as well as additional swings installed in Thompson Park and Harmony Park.

The Hallville Community Park began to take shape with Phase 1 and Phase 2 approved by council.

With pandemic receding in the rear view mirror, it was time for the North Dundas community to pick up from where it left off before the arrival of Covid-19.

Events such as Bike Night and Meet Me on Main Street returned to community approval, including a new location in Marionville. In Chesterville, Art on the Waterfront returned, as did Dairy Fest, Canada Day and the Parade of Lights.

The report stated, “The Recreation & Culture Department launched the new “kayak days” in Chesterville this summer, with five free sessions offering participants a chance to enjoy a paddle up the South Nation River to soak up all that North Dundas has to offer.”

It has been estimated that 3,000 had a chance to take part in these summer fun community events.

The North Dundas Fire Service (NDFS) received hands-on training in April with the Mobile Live Fire Training Unit brought to the Chesterville Arena. Firefighters experienced live flames, extreme heat, high humidity, severely restricted visibility and thick smoke during their real-world training.

The North Dundas Fire Services’ Fire Prevention Committee held a home fire extinguisher sale, offering the units at a reduced price to encourage everyone to be prepared in the event of a fire.

North Dundas created the Platinum Jubilee Pollinator Garden in Mountain at the other end of the Hill 70 memorial.

The garden, home to pollinators, opened in June, was created in honour of the Platinum Jubilee of the late Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. It features twelve native plant species that will provide food, shelter and pollen to a variety of pollinators, including butterflies and bees.

The fire service had a busy year with a gradual increase in the need for their services. The 2021 fire stats featured 139 total calls. The number of calls was the same in 2022, compared to 129 fires in 2019. In 2022 January to November, there were 43 public hazard calls, 31 rescue calls, 15 fire calls, 12 other, 7 medical calls, 31 outdoor fire calls. The history of the township was showcased in 2022 with the municipalities online feature called a “Look Back at the Past.” Articles were published regularly on the township’s website giving residents a glimpse into their regions’ history and the people who made it what it is today.

Residents could read about the RMS Empress of Ireland, the King Street Fire, and Aaron Sweet.

Read the names of all of those who paid the ultimate price at the cenotaphs and memorials throughout North Dundas. Residents can begin their journey into history by going to the municipality’s website.

Business growth, big and small is a sign of a healthy community. Several new businesses to the community, including A&W Winchester, Fat Les’ Pub & Poutinerie, Smokie Ridge Brewery, Sheek Shawarma & Grill, Realty Executives Real Estate Ltd., and Abe’s Cuts Barber Shop have chosen North Dundas to plant their business.

The 2022 North Dundas budget featured a long list of necessary projects and the tax money to finance them.

The municipality’s report stated, “The declared value of construction continues to be a strong indicator of growth in our region, reaching $36 million by November 2022, compared to $66 million in all of 2021, $32 million in 2020 and $25 million in 2019. There has been a steady increase in new dwelling units in North Dundas, with 105 units by November 2022, compared to 122 units in all of 2021, 81 units in 2020 and 45 units in 2019. The development is fueled by such developments as Wellings of Winchester, Cloverdale Links & Estates in Winchester and Wylie Creek Estates in Hallville.

As a result of all that new growth, North Dundas faces a challenge in ensuring there is enough drinking water and sewer services in the community. Several key projects have kicked off in 2022.

The Winchester Watermain Looping project is all about designing a new watermain looping service for the west side of Winchester, to ensure continuous supply. Winchester Main St. Pumping Station and Forcemain is another one. It is about upgrading the wastewater outlet for future developments forecasted on the west side of Winchester.

Chesterville Treatment and Reservoir Upgrades project will see system improvements to provide treatment for water quality issues and additional water storage to meet future needs.

The Winchester Lagoon System Upgrades are another project designing a specialized treatment onsite and operational upgrades to accommodate growth.

The Water Supply Environmental Assessment has been completed, and potential solutions have been presented to the community and council. The plan is to secure water and waste water capabilities for the next 20 years.

North Dundas Road projects:

1.6 km paving Belmeade Rd. $105,918

400m paving Church Rd. $113,325

250m paving Kerr’s Ridge Rd.  $33,650

1.3 km paving Marionville Rd. $162,226

Cayer Rd. Bridge Replacement $928,000

4.0 km paving Development Rd. $680,000

2.7 km paving Clark Rd. $522,000