Cora and Elliot Bergeron with new baby sister Ruby.  Courtesy Photo

VARS – Ruby Bergeron took her time ringing in the new year, joining the party at 6:13 a.m. on Jan. 2. She is the first baby born at Winchester District Memorial Hospital (WDMH) in 2023 and her parents Selena and Marc couldn’t be happier!

The Bergerons, who live in Vars, have had three children at WDMH – all born during the month of January. “We’ll be having three birthday parties in the same month which should be pretty fun,” says Selena. Ruby’s older siblings Cora and Elliot are almost five and two. They had a video chat with their new sister soon after she was born. “Cora is ecstatic because she really wanted a baby sister. Elliot isn’t quite sure about what is going on but he’s in for a big surprise,” adds Selena.

“We love Winchester Hospital because it is a small, cozy hospital where you get exceptional care,” sums up Selena. “The whole experience and the team are wonderful, and I wouldn’t go anywhere else.”

Congratulations to the Bergeron family from everyone at WDMH.