With the significant weather event arriving later today (December 22nd , 2022), Public Works has reviewed the detailed forecast and determined the Township must declare a “significant weather event” for the next 48 hours. Ontario Good Roads Association (OGRA) had recommended all members review the use of the MMS (Minimal Maintenance Standards). With the forecast calling for a “generational” winter storm, the municipality will use Regulation 239/02 (MMS) to declare a “Significant weather event” in advance of the pending storm. Please reference the excerpt below from the standards.

“significant weather event” means an approaching or occurring weather hazard with the potential to pose a significant danger to users of the highways within a municipality”

 This declaration will allow our limited Public Works staff compliment to focus exclusively on maintenance/safe passage on roadways. The declaration will allow sidewalks etc. to not meet maintenance standard requirements for the duration of the upcoming storm. Rest assured, Public Works will commence sidewalk maintenance once the storm threat has subsided.

Please stay safe during the Holiday season.


Craig Calder


Township of North Stormont