Winter or summer the Lofty Nest features cozy rooms to spend some time. Courtesy Photo

WINCHESTER – The Lofty Nest is more than a business venture. It serves as a home away from home; a jump off point to explore the region or a quiet place to catch your breath.

A stay at The Lofty Nest in Winchester can be whatever you want it to be.

Nanda Wubs took her passion, and vision of creating a great place to stay, and support the local North Dundas business community, and made it happen.

She remembers how back in 2020 she wanted to be involved in doing something creative, and also business related.

“I was not sure what that was to be,” she said.

“Then I saw this little house for sale and I thought wouldn’t it be fun to have this as an Airbnb. What a cute little house.

“If it was ours, I would call it The Lofty Nest.”

The small home she had found for sale in Winchester was compact coming in at 435 square feet per floor and was built in 1910. It is a century home, one of the first homes in Winchester.

Nanda dreamed about purchasing the home and turning it into a successful Airbnb but hesitated, as she considered all the different aspects of the project if she chose to go after it.

“I was not sure if I should do this or not, and one day I was shopping in BMR in Winchester in their gift shop.”

She saw a sign artfully done in their gift shop as she walked in that said, “Welcome to Our Nest.” She took that as a sign and took the plunge.

She purchased the house in February of 2020, and then Covid arrived.

“We were at a stand still,” she said.

Nanda did all of the designing herself and a contractor brought her dream to life.

Her project was finally completed in 2021.

The Lofty Nest has a spacious living room area attached to a comfortable, and functional kitchen, with plenty of room for a table to dine at.

She describes The Lofty Nest as a tiny ‘boutique hotel’.

The upstairs of the building is an open concept bedroom that becomes a quiet place to rest after a day of exploring the countryside, or just taking some time for yourself.

Nanda goes further than most in giving her guests a unique experience when they visit Winchester.

“I belong to the Eastern Ontario Agrifood Network as well, so what I have done recently is put up an online store to promote local food. The intention was for our guests while they are here to be able to find places to go to find local food.

It is like having an extension of the kitchen.”

In the event a visitor wants something to do but does not want to go out but sit tight, she has included little craft kits and paint night kits.

“I hope to incorporate some travel itineraries from the area as well, just to enhance the experience for our guests,” she explained.

“We get people here who come here just for the experience of staying at The Lofty Nest.”

She said there are people from all over Ontario who view The Lofty Nest on the internet, love the idea of it and want to come for a visit.

The Airbnb is close to Cornwall, Chesterville, Morrisburg, Ottawa and Brockville. An easy drive gets you to where you want to go.

She said, “There are people who come, who just want a few days away from home in a nice place close by.”

Nanda is a leading member of the North Dundas business community. She and her husband Richard sold one of their businesses, Wubs Transit in 2020, and focused their attention on their other businesses Precision Diesel and No Limits Auto Parts. Both are in Winchester.

You can get in touch with The Lofty Nest by calling 613-223-9765 or emailing them at: They have a website at: and they are located at 498 Ottawa Street in Winchester.

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