Growing quality products at Loucks Pastures. Enjoy variety and quality products at the Loucks Pastures family farm store. Morin Photo

MOREWOOD – In 2013, Samantha and Ben Baynham took their first steps toward creating what was to become Loucks Pastures.

In 2013, the couple was expecting their first child. They lived in Morewood and had two acres of land to work with. They wanted to be able to feed their growing family the best food they could find. They were after affordable high-quality meat and eggs and decided they would grow and raise their own food.

And so began their family adventure, learning how to grow and market the kind of healthy food they wanted for their family and as they grew, for yours.

In 2013, they purchased their first ewe sheep, two lambs and six laying hens.

They eventually moved to Chesterville, had more land to work with and grew their operation and dream to 20 plus breeding ewes, 50 laying hens, two beehives and dairy goats.

Loucks Pastures offers a variety of high-quality products. Consumers can easily reserve a share of a pasture raised lamb or order freezer orders of half or whole lambs. All orders are cut, packaged, frozen and labelled for your convenience. You can also purchase pastured beef bones, pastured pork and beef.

The couple have added a farm store to their farm where you can purchase items such as Beeswax Wraps, in four and three packs large.

The store also sells handmade dryer balls made from 100 per cent all natural Canadian sheep wool. Each ball is unique. You can use the balls by placing three or more in with your clothing. The wool balls will help speed up drying time and at the same time help to soften your laundry. You can add a few drops of your favourite essential oil on the balls, which will freshen and scent your laundry.

The store has charcoal Eucalyptus soap bars and all-natural Lavender Eucalyptus soaps, along with festive Christmas Wreaths.

With Christmas just a few weeks away you can also purchase a gift card for the farm store and food products.

The creation of Loucks Pastures has been a learning process.

“I was raised on a hobby farm but basically everything we make or produce we had to learn on our own,” said Samantha.

“We try and find other people in the area to teach us and see what they know. It was definitely a trail blazing project for us.”

The idea of having a small farm operation was kick started when the couple went on a holiday to Prince Edward Island. They discovered several small farm operations with a storefront and saw how successful they could be.

“We saw direct marketing on farm shops there. We wanted to bring that to our community and also offer local vendors and artisans to sell their products if they did not have a store front of their own.”

She said the community supported the idea of having a local farm store where customers would be able to see where their products were coming from and the story behind it.

Sustainability is one of Loucks Pastures’ goals.

Samantha said, “I have been trying to find ways to be self-sustainable, so if it is not something I can collect, make or grow on my own, I try and look out into the community for local suppliers.”

In the spirit of Christmas, Loucks Pastures is planning a weekend event when families can come out to their farm, enjoy a campfire, look at the animals and have some fun, and even pick out a precut Christmas Tree.

“It’s all about the experience,” said Samantha.

“We hope to continue to grow as farmers, producers, and neighbours to help serve our community better. And even though we are a small, family-run farm, we work hard to grow, raise, and cultivate top-of-the-line food for you and your family.”

You can connect with Loucks Pastures on Facebook or call them at 613-898-3459. Or email them at: They also have a website at: Their farm shop is located at 13683 Loucks Road in Chesterville.

The store is open every Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. by appointment.

If you would like to have a light shined on your business, please contact us at: or call us at 613-448-2321.