Introducing the new Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry council. Left to right are: South Dundas Mayor Jason Broad, Glengarry Deputy Mayor Martin Lang, South Glengarry Mayor Lachlan McDonald, North Stormont Mayor Francois Landry, North Dundas Deputy Mayor Theresa Bergeron, North Glengarry Mayor Jamie MacDonald, North Dundas Mayor and SD&G warden Tony Fraser, South Stormont Mayor Bryan McGillis, North Stormont Deputy Mayor Steve Densham, South Stormont Deputy Mayor Andre Guindon, North Glengarry Deputy Mayor Carma Williams and South Dundas Deputy Mayor Marc St. Pierre.  Morin Photo

THE COUNTIES – North Dundas Mayor Tony Fraser has been chosen as the new warden, and head of council for the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas, and Glengarry, (SD&G). Warden Fraser’s inauguration was held Fri., Dec. 2 in the council chambers at the County Administration Building in Cornwall. The swearing in event included members of county council, local municipal councillors, and staff, as well as regional dignitaries and family members.

North Dundas Mayor Fraser has demonstrated a calm positive leadership style. Now in his second term as mayor, he has successfully steered his municipal council through challenging times.

In Fraser’s inaugural address as SD&G warden, he explained that when he was first elected as a member of the North Dundas Council in 2010, he was focused on supporting all things North Dundas.

“The experience and understanding that I gained as the years went on have been so valuable to me. I have a better awareness and firmly believe that, to quote our MP Eric Duncan, “High tides raise all ships.” All our residents, including the agricultural community, those that desire the quiet spaces and solitude, others that live in our small hamlets, villages, and in our towns benefit from the successes achieved by the efforts of SD&G staff and county council.”

Fraser believes members of county council need to work together with each other to ensure that the challenges they face in Eastern Ontario are addressed with local MPPs, MPs, and those members of both the federal and provincial parliaments when appropriate.

He said, “We are all members of two councils, at both the local level and here at the county. Our goal should be to remember that both tiers are linked by the common goal of providing services and programming that make our region the envy of Ontario. We have opportunities to build upon SDG’s reputation as an incredible place to raise a family, operate a business and enjoy the incredible beauty of rural living.”

Fraser added, “Challenges we may face require voices that are united in the belief and understanding that any success in SDG is a success for all of SDG. Small successes give energy to achieve larger accomplishments. The next year will afford me the opportunity to address priorities set by the Eastern Ontario Wardens Caucus and together with my fellow members of council, we will have the opportunity to create solutions to the challenges we face in SDG.”

Fraser mentioned how much he has appreciated the support and help he has received over the years by fellow councillors.

He said, “Thank you to my friend, Al Armstrong for his unfettered belief that the right things are right and need to be defended. His commitment has been infectious. Thank you to my fellow councillors and staff, both past and present, lower, and upper for being who you are and allowing me to learn and grow from your efforts.”

Finally, he thanked his family for their support.

“I would be remiss if I did not take this opportunity to acknowledge the undying support I have received from my family, including my dear wife Amy as well as my daughter Emma. My journey never would have been undertaken without their love and support. Their patience and understanding has been incredible.”