Up the Creek Glass Studio offers fine glass art as well as classes. Courtesy Photo

Up the Creek Glass Studio turns glass into art

CHESTERVILLE – If you are lucky, you will find something you love to do and despite life getting in the way, will find the time to pursue it.

Sharon Monteith is one of those lucky people.

She has always enjoyed dabbling in crafts, and now she has a glass fusion studio in her home near Chesterville.

She has worked at the Winchester District Memorial Hospital for the past 34 years and needed something to do when she came home from a very hectic and draining work environment that would take her mind off her day’s activities.

“I work full-time as a nurse at Winchester Hospital. This is really just a hobby that is kind of expanding.”

She was looking for something else when she discovered her interest in making art using the glass fusion process.

“I was really curious as to how people melted wine bottles. I Googled that, and that is how I came across glass fusing,” she said.

She looked into how to make art by fusing glass together, and after taking a course in how to do it she was hooked.

“We have turned a family room into a working studio where I make glass art.”

I have two kilns, and all my glass products, and supplies in there. It is separated from the main part of my house. I buy glass in sheets and make glass art with that.”

The glass can be ordered in any colour. She uses molds to make her art.

“It all goes into a kiln and is heated up into the shape and style that I want,” she said.

“In 2019, I bought my first kiln. The only locations offering lessons were in Carleton Place and in Kingston. I chose to go to Carleton Place. I really enjoyed the courses, but I could not see travelling back and forth.”

Her solution was to buy her own kiln and to continue her art in her own home.

“You go to make your piece and then you have to return to pick it up because it takes about 24 hours to fire it in the kiln. I was travelling back and forth for that.

I looked into buying a kiln, and I bought one.”

She bought her second smaller kiln in 2021.

“I was making all kinds of art that I was giving to family and friends. I think my family has all of the glass they really want right now. I had a lot of friends especially through the hospital that I work with, who asked me to show them how to do it. And that kind of snowballed into this,” she said.

“I do the SD&G auctions a couple of times each year. I do some craft sales as well.

I did the apples and art studio tour in September.”

“I have always been a kind of craft person and I was looking for something to do for when I eventually retire, and I think I have found it.”

She makes a lot of Christmas decorations including snowflakes.

She also makes unique pieces and custom pieces, Christmas items, and hosts classes.

“My husband and John I work as a team. He is very good at woodworking, so he might frame something I have done in wood, or he would make a checkerboard table out of wood, and I would insert a glass checkerboard and then checker glass pieces.

He only does the wood part. He is quite involved in my work.”

She said when Covid came along she was able to take her mind off it with her work by losing herself in her studio.

“I can go into my studio, and it takes my mind off of everything.”

Those interested in taking lessons with Sharon of Up the Creek Glass Studio can get in touch with her at: 613-448-1237, or go to upthecreekglassstudio.ca she also has a Facebook page. Her studio is located at 13675 Grantley Road in Chesterville.

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