From the left: NS Deputy Mayor François Landry, NS Mayor Jim Wert, MCP co-owner Rob MacLellan and NS Public Works’ superintendent Blake Henderson. Thompson Goddard Photo

MOOSE CREEK – Mayor Jim Wert was pleased to announce on Fri., Oct. 14, an agreement in principle between the township of North Stormont and Moose Creek Precast. Wert explained the agreement in principle that is reached will have to be ratified by the incoming council following the municipal election on Oct. 24.

MCP is operated by Rob and Marian MacLellan with their son Kevin near Moose Creek. Blake Henderson, Public Works’ superintendent for NS, was speaking with Rob on another matter when he learned how one of the trucks would have to be sold, and as a result, someone would lose their job. A plan was developed that would be of benefit both to the company and township residents who would save the person’s job.

The agreement in principle will see MCP providing North Stormont residents a reduced price for septic tank pumping. MCP will pay a fee for dumping sewage into the lagoon which services the residents of Crysler and Finch, who are on municipal water and sewage systems, that will then create a revenue stream reducing the operating cost of the lagoon to village residents.

“I think it’s a great example of the relationships our staff has established with many of our local businesses,” commented Wert. He continued the agreement in principle will be provided to the incoming council for ratification.

Henderson explained a few years ago, council had tried to save a business by providing a service at a reduced cost to residents. “I believe the direction of council is to maintain or improve services in the township and this is a prime example of saving a job, working with a local business with benefits to our residents,” explained NS Deputy Mayor François Landry.