Steve and Adelle Densham, owners of North Stormont Shop Local. Courtesy Photo

AVONMORE – For three years, The North Stormont Shop Local Facebook page has been promoting local businesses in that municipality since November 2018.

Adelle Densham, who with her husband Steve created and administer the Facebook page, explained it was created after Steve “noticed that our municipality had a Chamber of Commerce in Moose Creek and wondered why all of North Stormont wasn’t actively promoting its local business.”  The couple decided to build a Facebook page to share their knowledge of and promote local businesses in North Stormont.

Initially the couple promoted the businesses they used on the Facebook page, and as time passed were inspired to visit businesses, they hadn’t shopped at to discover what they offered.  They discovered a wide variety of businesses in the community some of which were just starting out or had a long history of service to the community.

“It was pretty amazing when we discovered local artists and crafts people with their own special talent or style.  Or when we walked into general stores that hold as many memories for local people as they do products” commented Steve.  He continued the excitement generated by the launch of a new business in the community, noting it was “fun to share the excitement and help the excitement to spread.”  The couple experimented with videos and different story styles for promoting the business, but what they discovered was the page received the most likes and shares when focusing on the business owners.   He continued they learned the people in North Stormont want to support local people when purchasing from local businesses, realizing “that our local business owners don’t just sell products in our area.  They help us solve problems, they give support to local organizations and find ways to address specific local needs.”

When the page was launched, the decision was made to only feature North Stormont businesses, noting they realize there are good businesses just beyond the township borders, “but we had to draw the line somewhere.  “Because we are a small team of two, our day to day is to simply remind people of the local business in our area by sharing posts presented on the business’s own page.”  Steve explained some businesses don’t have a Facebook page so the couple “take the time to build a special post with pictures and a short write up.”

The amount of time dedicated to The North Stormont Shop Local Facebook page varies from week to week ranging from sharing posts, but other times if they are building “a special post for a business it may require more interview and prep time, plus travel to the business for pictures.”  Several local businesses have told the couple the page has “made a noticeable difference to the traffic to their business.”  He continued how “the other work we did outside of NSSL, taking our MP, MPP and others around on Wellness Tours during COVID, had a huge supportive impact during a very difficult time.”

“It feels meaningful and rewarding to spread good news and showcase good people in our community.”

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