The Township of Russell has begun construction on a new snow disposal facility near 550 Notre-Dame Street in Embrun. The facility is expected to be operational for the 2022-2023 winter season. Courtesy Photo

EMBRUN – Construction on the township of Russell’s new snow disposal facility has begun.

The municipality made the announcement about the roughly $2.2 million project on Sept. 27 through its website and social media pages. The facility, which is expected to be operational for the 2022-2023 winter season, is to be located near 550 Notre-Dame Street and is set to include a snow pad, an area for trucks, and a melt pond.

Although it is a big investment, it aligns with our priority to reduce our environmental impact. The new site will be fully equipped to treat and control the flow of melting snow, unlike the township’s existing site,” the announcement stated. “The new snow disposal site will also be centrally located, reducing operating costs and further environmental impacts. Once construction is complete, the snow disposal facility will be surrounded by a berm and trees to keep the site discreet and blend with the surrounding area.”

The project is part of the township’s 2018-2022 Strategic Plan. Construction is expected to continue until roughly the end of November. Crews are currently rebuilding and paving the road in front of the Dog Park, the municipality said, as this is set to be the access point to the future snow disposal facility. No other road closures are expected during the project’s construction, and there is to be no impact to Russell’s snow removal services.

“This project is the township’s latest initiative to show our commitment to the environment,” the township announcement read, “A salt storage facility was built a few years ago with a modern design that offsets the effects of salt contamination. The township also started a Green Fleet Policy to reduce emissions of corporate vehicles. Upcoming environmental initiatives include a Climate Change Action Plan, and the introduction of compost to weekly waste collection.”

Anyone looking for additional information on the municipality’s snow disposal facility are encouraged to contact Russell’s Infrastructure Department at 613-443-1747. Links to department emails can be found on the township’s website (