Eric Duncan with Pierre Poilievre. Courtesy Photo

OTTAWA – Recently elected Conservative Party of Canada Leader Pierre Poilievre has appointed SDSG MP Eric Duncan as part of his House of Commons Leadership Team. Duncan will serve as the Party-Caucus Liaison, a key role in the HCLT.

“It is an honour to be asked by Pierre to serve on his leadership team. I am both humbled and excited to return to this important role in our Caucus. I’m ready to hit the ground running,” commented Duncan in a Sept. 12 press release.

“As part of the senior leadership team with Poilievre and his senior staff, Duncan and his colleagues will participate in daily briefings and are tasked with leading the day-to-day strategies of the Conservative Caucus in the House of Commons and building a strong and national Conservative movement across Canada,” noted Adrian Bugelli, Duncan’s executive assistant, in the press release. Bugelli continued, Duncan served in this role under Erin O’Toole who was removed as CPC leader after a Feb. 2, leadership review.

The role of the Party-Caucus Liaison is to “serve as a conduit between the National Conservative Caucus and staff, the party’s volunteer National Council, and Conservative Party Headquarters,” noted Bugelli.  The MP will be leading and coordinating important aspects of the CPC modernization and growth efforts; these will include “programs such as professional development, the Conservative Summer Internship Program, and other programs to build a strong and successful team of Caucus and staff members.”

“Our Conservative message is very clear with Pierre Poilievre: Canadians cannot face any further tax increases under the Liberals and NDP,” said Duncan, who continued the CPC will focus on “addressing the Liberal’s failure on inflation and the out-of-control cost of living situation in Canada.”