Carrie Keller
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Paintings 2 Order – North Dundas artist Carrie Keller

WINCHESTER – Carrie Keller, resident of Winchester since 2012, began her home-based business Paintings 2 Order in 1992. Keller mentioned her business is an online store, providing people the opportunity to view and perhaps purchase Keller’s art and literary works.

Her artistic techniques and knowledge are well-known throughout the local community, with a distinctive flavour and attention to detail. Keller explained she developed her art by taking “12 years of private lessons with several well-known artists in Windsor, university courses taken while in the Armed Forces and a course in Aix-en-Provence, France.

When asked where she gets her inspiration for paintings, she mentioned spending time driving or hiking to find natural scenes or man-made structures to photograph and consider later. While Keller creates art in a variety of mediums, she mentioned oil is the medium she enjoys working in the most. She explained how once a painting is completed and sold, it is “the joy people get in owning my work and their reaction to seeing it the first time” she most appreciates. People can commission paintings with Keller, mentioning that a mural is soon to be completed in South Mountain that has been commissioned by Eric Duncan to honour his grandmother.

In 2019, Keller participated in the “Conquer the Canvas” competition in Cornwall organized by Cornwall’s Your Arts Council. Artists were challenged to turn a blank canvas into a work of art within 20 minutes which was then judged by the audience, with Keller receiving the silver paintbrush award. “The art challenge was a lot of fun, loved stretching my boundaries, would love to do it again” commented Keller.

Well known as an artist, Keller has also written several children’s books. “I started creating animal characters for my books after illustrating for Joel Fawcett’s books,” explained Keller. She began writing books for young children, then older children and has recently published a book called Roo and the World of the Crum which is designed for “young teens and adults that haven’t grown up,” noting she is currently working on another book in the series.

Keller is known for her philanthropic activities in the community which include online auctions of her paintings, with funds raised provided to Community Food Share and the Winchester and District Memorial Hospital Foundation. “I feel strongly that a person needs to give back, to support your community,” commented Keller when asked about this. She continued how when asked, she is happy to help and give back to the community.

Looking to the future, Keller mentioned her focus is on writing and “selling [her] huge stock of paintings that have built up since COVID.” She is interested in re-starting the local art league again, mentioning how a first step to achieving this goal is her return to volunteering with Art on the Waterfront. Keller continues to teach art on Thursdays. Space is limited, but Keller is considering finding a larger venue for her art lessons, which will enable more students developing their artistic abilities. She will be attending the Sundance Show held in Maberly near Perth and is hoping another North Dundas Art Show may be possible.

More information on Keller and her works of art can be found on the Paintings to Order social media sites or by contacting the artist directly.


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