EMBRUN – Those looking for fun activities to participate in this summer in the township of Russell, they need look no further as municipal staff have created a helpful list of suggestions for fun local activities.

The list of “things to do in the township this summer” can be found on the municipal website (Russell.ca), as well as the township’s Facebook page. The list offers 10 suggestions for exploring the community, beginning with travelling the 10-kilometre New York Central Recreational Trail located between the villages of Embrun and Russell.

Number two on the list is the Embrun Splash Pad, which is located at 2 Marcel Street and open everyday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Next on the list are the tennis courts with one in Embrun (10 Blais Street) and one in Russell (988 Concession Street). The fourth activity on the list is “turf time” at the Sports Dome in Embrun, which is located at 150 Sportsplex Street. Coming in at number five is the township’s newest venture, the Parklets. The Parklets are sectioned areas near local businesses for residents and visitors to sit and relax for a bit. One is located at 905 Notre Dame Street in Embrun, while the other is located at 1125 Concession Street in Russell.

If the first five options don’t appeal, there are five more, beginning with an afternoon on the river via the Embrun Boat Launch, which is located at 1392 Notre Dame Street. The seventh suggestion on the list is bowling at Embrun’s Bowling Hall, which is located at 8 Blais Street. For those who prefer to swim in a pool, number eight on the list suggests dropping in for a public swim. The Centennial Public Pool is located at 288 Castor Street in Russell. The ninth suggestion offers residents a way to get some exercise outdoors while also seeing more of their municipality. To do this, they can rent a bicycle from the Sports Dome in Embrun.

The final item on the 10-item list is a tour of the township’s Historical Plaques. Currently there are nine, including the Carscadden Bridge, the Church Museum Building, the Great Russell Fire, St. Andrew’s and St. Paul’s United Church Cemetery, Russell Train Station, Russell Shale Brick Company, Voie de la Liberté Monument, Église Saint-Jacques, and the New York Central Railroad. For more information on each of the plaques, including their locations, visit the municipal website.