Barbara Ann Glaude was presented with the 4-H Ontario Arbor Award for volunteers on Sat., July 30. Left to right are: Cam Crogie coordinator of Volunteer Support Regions 1 & 2, Cheryl Sullivan, past president of 4-H Ontario Council, Molly McDonald, past president of Stormont 4-H Association, Alysa Waldrolf, vice president of Stormont 4-H, Dougie Robinson-4-H Ontario ambassador, Megan Burnside-Poitras, volunteer and database manager, 4-H Ontario, Barbara Ann Glaude, Neil Robinson, president of the Stormont 4-H Association. Morin Photo

NEWINGTON – Barbara Ann Glaude was awarded the 4-H Ontario Arbor Award for her years of volunteering with the 4-H movement. She was given the award in 2020 but it was not until this past weekend, Sat., July 30 at the Newington Fairgrounds that the award could be officially presented to her.

She and her family live just outside of Berwick operating a dairy and cash crop farm.

The award is given out at the local, regional and provincial level.

Along with the award comes a tree specially planted for the award winner. The tree for Glaude is called an Autumn Blaze Maple. The tree can grow three to five feet each year and can reach a height of 40 to 50 feet. It creates a large, shaded area. In the fall, it changes to orange and to the crimson red fall colours.

The award ceremony was looked after by Jennifer Waldroff and several members of the Stormont 4-H.

Glaude, “I have been involved since I was age 12, but now it is age 9 or you can be a clover bud at age 6,” she said. As she grew with the 4-H movement, the age limits dropped.

“I continued on being a 4-H member. I did many things, participated at many provincial and international events. From that I became a leader and continued on. I have been in 4-H ever since,” she said.

“I would not be doing it if I did not enjoy it.”

She pointed out that belonging to 4-H is in a lot of ways like belonging to a family.

“Our children were involved in 4-H, we have grandchildren who are at an age when they can be involved in 4-H. There is more of them coming up.”

She explained that 4-H is such a network and leadership building experience.

Glaude currently works with a 4-H organization serving as the club’s webmaster and has in the past held the position of chairperson and treasurer at the regional level.

“This is really an honour,” she said.

“It is a provincial honour and only three are awarded each year by the province.”

Glaude said the motto of the 4-H club is “Learning by Doing” and that has certainly affected her life as she grew up being part of the club.

“There are so many new things, challenges; whether it’s been with 4-H Junior farmers or moving on to different organizations.

There are many different clubs within 4-H where members learn how to look after animals such as a horse, sheep, cow, chicken or rabbit. She said they also have life skills clubs, crop and sports.

“It’s a multitude of clubs,” said Glaude.

Glaude has been a Stormont 4-H volunteer for 28 years. She has led several groups including, A Sporting Chance, Good Food Fast, Marketing, Wearable Art to name a few.

When she graduated out of 4-H, she had 45 projects to her credit and had received many Stormont and Glengarry awards. She was also a repeat winner of the Grand Champion Show Person for Stormont.

The 4-H Arbor Award was started in 2001, the International Year of Volunteers.

The award is presented to 4-H volunteers who have made a difference to 4-H in Ontario through showing leadership and their initiative at the various levels of the organization.

The award is sponsored by Bayer Crop Science.