Jen Feeny Marketing helps business owners find their voice in a crowded marketplace. Photo Courtesy of Kevin & Kelly Photography

Jen Feeny Marketing shines a light on your website

WINCHESTER – Starting a business of your own is no small feat.

Getting a great idea, then sharing that idea with the world around you and hoping they will support it can be difficult and frustrating.

Often a businessperson must promote their product and their business in order to convert a passerby into a loyal customer.

One sure fire way to accomplish that is to connect with Jen Feeny Marketing.

She is in the business of helping your business make a distinctive difference in the marketplace.

Just like the clothes you wear; your appearance can make all of the difference when it comes to how people feel when they first catch site of you and the website you build for your business.

Once thought of as the domain of the do-it-yourself kind of businessperson, the webpage your business calls home is the same as the front door of a mortar and brick business.

It has to be the kind of place a consumer wants to visit and once there ,find what they are looking for.

Jen Feeny Marketing can build your website and then show you how to market your products on it. Jen can also maintain it on a regular bases if that is what a client wants or update an existing website. She can also optimize websites to get higher rankings in Google so that new customers can find you easier.

Jen Feeny Marketing evolved out of the desire of Jen Feeny to be a stay-at-home mom.

Eight years ago, Jen was looking for a way to earn a living while looking after her growing family. She decided to start a new career as a health coach after years of working in website development and marketing.

While she pursued a health coach career, she ran into fellow students who were doing the same thing but realized they would most likely need a website for their business.

One thing led to another and Jen, because of her experience in web design could not help but share some of her knowledge with her friends.

She decided there was a better way to use all that web design and marketing experience. She says on her website: “Three kids later, every single website has been built with a kid on my lap at some point and Paw Patrol playing in the background.”

She started her business after she had her first child with her husband Kenny.

Now the couple’s family has grown to three more little ones and her home-based business has blossomed along with her family.

When her children were very small, she called herself a “naptime web developer”.

“My business has grown quite a lot even though I have the children at home,” she said.

She remembers she wanted to work from home because she did not want to miss out on watching her children grow.

“I did not want to miss my children growing. They grow so fast and before you know it, they are in school.”

Jen has a background in web design and marketing.

“I went to Algonquin College for business administration and marketing. Right out of college I was hired by a company to do their marketing. Later she worked for a company in marketing in Ottawa.”

Along the way she learned how to listen carefully to the vision a client would bring her and find ways to transform their ideas into a website with the appropriate marketing strategies to help them reach their business goals.

“I build the websites brand new or upgrade an existing website. If it is not performing well for them, and you just do not love it, you will be less likely to promote it.”

She said she wants to create websites that people will love and that will perform well.

“I want to make a website that people will enjoy the experience of their visit and will understand the business and want to take action.”

Jen will look at a website that is not performing the way a client expects and say, “I can see these opportunities here, here, and here and I can see from a search engine optimization point of view; for instance, Google ranking, that you are not coming up with key words because of this, so we can integrate these words into your website strategies so that you will start to rank in Google, and what value they can bring to the table.”

When she is finished a customer will be able to clearly see what your business is all about, how to connect with you and what products they can easily obtain.

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