More than 400 people came together on Gregoire Street in Marionville on July 13 to enjoy the village’s first Meet Me On Main Street event. Morin Photo

MARIONVILLE – Residents of three municipalities, Ottawa, North Dundas, and Russell came together in Marionville on Wed., July 13. The occasion was their first Meet Me On Main Street event and if ever there was a sign that summer had really arrived, this was it.

The event attracted more than 400 people who enjoyed great music by the Green Martini Band, and delicious food and drink from a variety of vendors including Smokie Ridge Vineyard and Tuque de Broue.

The Ottawa Fire Services was on the scene to give a fiery and cautionary demonstration of what happens to a grease fire when you pour water on it.

François Marion the president of the Marionville Citizens Committee was happy to see such a crowd on Gregoire Street in his village.

“It’s nice to see people we have not seen for a while,” he said. He felt the event was a great opportunity for both young and old to have a chance to be together as a community.

The mayors of Russell Township, Pierre Leroux and North Dundas Township Tony Fraser were joined by Ottawa Osgoode ward Coun. George Darouze. The three represented the three municipalities that straddle the small village of Marionville.

Even though all three politicians represented different governments, they also were friends and neighbours with most of the people who came to enjoy the Meet Me On Main Street celebration.

Marion told those gathered in the street, “When we look at the crowd you can see that it is a big success.”

Mayor Fraser explained that back in 2019, he had told Marion he felt Marionville should be added to the list of villages that enjoy having a Meet Me On Main Street event; the pandemic got in the way.

“So now it is 2022 and here we are.” He said the event shows the true spirit of a community. He thanked the other municipalities who came together to make the event a success.

Russell Mayor Leroux made a brief speech where he encouraged everyone to have a good time and enjoy the food and the music.

Councillor Darouze said, “It is so nice to see so many familiar faces and I am happy to see so many of you out.” He notes that the pandemic had done little to discourage Canadians from supporting their community.