Larry Begin of Begins Bounty & Board is shown at his vendors’ booth during the Monkland Farmers’ Market earlier this spring. Thompson Goddard Photo

Begins Bounty and Boards

CRYSLER – Begins Bounty and Boards provides customers with the opportunity to purchase organic vegetables at local community markets and throughout the year wood crafts.

Larry Begins explained the business is “a sole proprietorship, but it’s very much a family effort with my wife Melissa and my sons Hayden and Riley.” He explained how after attending a 2019 Christmas Craft Market in Crysler, with retirement from the Canadian Armed Forces on the horizon in 2020, the decision to “make a go of it” was made.

With a passion for vegetable gardening and woodwork, the decision was made to incorporate both into his business. He noted in an email how he is “literally running a business centred around my favourite hobbies.”

The family lives in Crysler, but their farm is located south of Chesterville. Noting how he currently does not provide garden services for clients but is always “happy to answer questions and offer tips from [his] experience.” He mentioned it’s never too late in the season to start growing, and mentioned how understanding, and working our grow zone can result in “better tasting vegetables after frost has kissed them.”

“Growing organic vegetables for the community markets at an affordable price is the aim for our growing season,” explained Larry. He continued how his wife Melissa has begun “making her own garlic powder from last year’s harvest; dried and prepared chili flakes; and picked preserves including beets, hot pepper rings, etc.”

He spoke about the woodworking portion of the business, commenting how the winter months are when the custom wood items are made, “like cabinets or unique crafts that someone can’t seem to find.  Begins mentioned how customers have ordered platform beds, kitchen islands or entryway benches from his company. Begins Bounty and Boards attend several community markets, including Williamsburg Country Market, Metcalfe Farmers’ Market, and the bi-weekly Monkland Farmers’ Market. “The first market we started and maintained is at the Old General Store in Crysler on Friday afternoons,” commented Begins before adding how they are often vendors for the Winchester pop-up near Christmas and Events in Crysler.

When asked what advice he would have for those starting out in a similar business, Larry mentioned the best advice was to educate yourself on the topic by reading.  He noted how while “There isn’t any one author/expert I would recommend but the context of the trades isn’t captured as well simply through videos.” He did mention how one of the biggest obstacles to overcome when developing a business is time itself and the need to become more efficient.”

For more information or to contact Begins Bounty and Boards, please contact their Facebook and Instagram accounts. Their website is currently in development.


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