You can’t go wrong with cookies, cakes, and cupcakes from HuckleHounds Home Goodies. Courtesy Photo

HuckleHounds Home Goodies bakes up

MORRISBURG – That donut or specially decorated cake you picked for a special occasion is not something you should take for granted.

HuckleHounds Home Goodies has mastered the art of creating delicious baked goods from cakes to cookies, pies, squares, cheesecakes, peanut butter balls, and lots more.

“We have a huge variety for the farmers’ market and our PopUp Shops in the winter when we set up at The Cooks Corner in Morrisburg,” said Trena Grant owner of HuckleHounds Home Goodies.

Operating a bakery has always been in the cards for Grant. Originally from Cornwall, her family moved to Morrisburg about 20 years ago. They had a bakery called Blues Bakery for the first six years of their existence as a bakery business. The Grant family has been operating the bakery for the past seven years as the HuckleHounds Home Goodies.

Grant said, “We needed a change and decided to build a bakery in our home. We renovated our former garage into a fully health inspected commercial kitchen which serves as our bakery.”

The quality and delicious result of the family’s baking business speaks for itself, and the name of their bakery catches residents’ attention for being so novel and interesting.

The name for the bakery, HuckleHounds is sure to get your attention.

“The name HuckleHounds was a nickname my dad gave to my children. We thought it was something unique for our business name,” said Grant.

When it comes to items like their tasty expertly decorated cakes, they are mostly custom designs.

The bakery offers a personal take on anything a client might want.

Grant said, “We decorate according to what the client needs, what theme they are having and what fits their celebration.”

The resulting cake for example is sure to strike a resonating chord in the recipient on their special occasion.

The key to making so many HuckleHounds’ customers happy is being able to work with them in an effective way.

When a customer comes to the bakery with an idea for a birthday or anniversary cake, being honest about how the customer’s vision can or cannot be done is extremely important.

Grant said, “We try our best to fulfill all specifications, but we are always honest and if we know it is not something in our skill set yet, we find another solution to create the same idea.”

HuckleHounds takes part in trying to raise awareness about the great food that can be found in South Dundas. They have been a vendor of the Morrisburg Farmers’ Market for the last seven years.

“We update the Market Facebook page and encourage new vendors to join the market.”

Keeping up with trends in baking is important in keeping with what the customer wants and expects.

“Cookies are very popular now,” said Grant.

“Some clients go with cookies instead of cake. The style and decorating are simple or very detailed with lots of themes.”

The family bakery takes a great deal of work to do what they do. Like most family operations everyone gets involved and helps. HuckleHounds is no exception.

“We do not have any staff. It’s just me and my family. My mom helps in the bakery to get ready for the farmers’ market, my dad comes to help set up and tear down, my husband does everything and anything that is needed, and my children help run the table at the market and are learning to help create in the bakery,” said Grant.

Cake making goes all the way back to ancient times. Initial cakes were way too different from today’s exotic cakes. The word cake was derived from the Old Norse word “kaka”, and Oxford dictionary traces the word “cake” back to the 13th century.

Historians claim Europeans to have baked the first modern round cake with icing on it and HuckleHounds Home Goodies continues a long tradition of great baked goods and cakes.

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