The Chevaliers de Colomb Conseil 6301 St. Jacques d’Embrun. Courtesy Photo

Jane Adams
Special to the Villager

EMBRUN – The Chevaliers de Colomb Conseil 6301 St. Jacques d’Embrun has been supporting local communities for more than 50 years. And that includes local health care!

Over the past year, this committed team of local volunteers has been raising funds through a variety of events. They recently donated $500 to the WDMH Foundation. The money will be directed to the Family Care Fund – to support families just like theirs where the gift is needed the most at Winchester District Memorial Hospital (WDMH).

At the presentation ceremony, secretary Armand Beauchamp noted that WDMH was chosen as the beneficiary because many of the Knights of Columbus’ members had spent time there in the last few years and were very pleased with the service.

The Chevaliers de Colomb’s major fundraising event is the Grand Tirage lottery. Tickets are now available for $50, and the top prizes are $10,000 and $16,000. Tickets are available by calling 613-915-1081. The odds are great with only 600 tickets available, and the draw takes place in November.

“Thank you to the Chevaliers de Colomb in Embrun. They are certainly a creative and generous group,” notes Justine Plummer, manager of direct mail & events at the WDMH Foundation. “We are so grateful to all of the community groups who raise funds to support health care close to home.”