Breckyn Caers spreads sparkling beauty with her homemade jewelry business, BeBe’s Boutique. Courtesy Photo

BeBe’s Boutique sends ‘sparkle from coast to coast to coast’

WILLIAMSBURG – What began as a home-made gift-giving project for Breckyn Caers has now become a full-fledged successful home-based business she calls BeBe’s Boutique.

“I wanted to make something different for end-of-year gifts for my oldest son’s teachers,” she said. “Through the power of social media, I had friends ask for pairs [of earrings] for themselves and for gifts. Later that summer, I made earrings for my own wedding and then for a friend’s wedding and then another friend’s wedding.”

Caers said her business developed organically from making druzy studs for gift giving purposes in 2019, to making earrings to sell just six months later. While earrings are her biggest seller, she also makes bookmarks, rings, necklaces, and keychains too. Most of her earrings are made from stainless steel, however, Caers said she can make “almost everything” with silicone posts for those with metal sensitivities.

“I appreciate each and every order more than [customers] could ever know,” she said. “I’ve sent sparkle from coast to coast to coast, which is a pretty amazing feeling.”

BeBe’s Boutique products are sold online via Facebook and Instagram. The sparkly merchandise can be picked up at Caers’ home just north of Williamsburg or she can ship to anywhere in Canada. For those who live locally, she may be able to deliver depending on the day.

“I try to meet up with people whenever possible if I’m out running errands, too,” she said. “So, it depends on the day.”

Caers is a self-taught jewelry maker. With no formal classes, she’s learned almost everything she knows about making jewelry from online tutorials and experimentation.

“There’s a lot of trial and error, but sometimes there’s positives in those mess ups,” she said.

BeBe’s Boutique products come in many different sparkly colours, as well as in a myriad of themes from flowers to barnyard animals to holiday icons to film characters, and more. Caers said she gets her ideas from online sources, as well as from her clients.

“I listen to my customers,” she said. “I also watch trends that are popular in our area and try to keep up with that, and if someone has a special request, I do my best to accommodate.”

If you’re the type of person who prefers to look at products in person, Caers attends many local fairs and events, where she displays her merchandise. She said these venues are a great way to meet and chat with customers, both current and new.

“Events have definitely helped,” Caers said. “It’s fun to get out and see everyone, meet new customers, and catch up with previous customers. I’m very lucky that I have made some pretty great friends through this as well.”

Recently, Caers showcased her BeBe’s Boutique items at the April 30 House of Lazarus (HOL) Ladies’ Night Out event and the May 7 Spencerville Spring Market. This weekend, on May 14, Caers will be showcasing her merchandise at the Winchester Garden Party Market. To stay informed about upcoming vendor events, follow BeBe’s Boutique on Facebook or Instagram.

Although BeBe’s Boutique is growing and gaining in popularity, Caers has not forgotten her community. She creates and donates items for local charity fundraisers, as well. The April 30 HOL event, for instance, she donated earrings to be included in the giveaway bags for attendees.

“I’m always happy to help with local fundraising efforts,” Caers said, adding that in addition to donating items to fundraisers, she’s also happy to run a fundraiser with a group. “I currently have my Habitat Cornwall Fundraiser with hammer and screwdriver earrings for the South Dundas build.” The local Habitat for Humanity has broken ground in Winchester Springs. Excavation of the site took place on May 9.

Look for BeBe’s Boutique on Facebook ( and on Instagram (@bebesboutiqueb). If you’re looking for something specific, reach out to Caers via messenger and she’ll do her best to accommodate.

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