EMBRUN – The township of Russell is set to participate in No-Mow-May again this year.

The decision was made during the April 4 council meeting where director of public safety and enforcement Millie Bourdeau recommended that politicians direct staff to not enforce the grass cutting section of the Clean Yard Bylaw for the month of May, and every year after, in support of the No-Mow-May Project. Russell participated in the project for the first-time last year.

“In 2021, council approved a request to support our local bee population by participating in the No-Mow-May pilot project. Council requested that information be shared with the environmental committee and that an update on this project be provided to council,” Bourdeau said. “During the month of May 2021, we saw property owners participate throughout the township and no complaints were received due to this initiative.”

She also noted that the township’s Environmental Advisory Committee is still in support of the project and would like to see it continue annually. Both her department and the infrastructure department agree. An official direction is needed from council for staff to overlook the bylaw for the month of May.