Shellie and Larry Faulkner have continued a family legacy for their passion for classic wood burning stoves. Morin Photo

The Winchester Classic Stove Centre has what you need

BRINSTON – The Winchester Classic Stove Centre is a family owned business that has made great service, long lasting wood burning stove products, and excellent after sales service a family tradition.

The store is owned and operated by Larry and Shellie Faulkner. The couple founded the stove centre in 2005.

The Winchester Classic Stove Centre is located in Brinston, Ontario. The centre is a dealer for Heartland, Elmira, Osburn, BIS and Napoleon. It was originally founded by Jack Faulkner, Larry’s father in 1976 and was headquartered in Winchester, and focused on the installation of a number of top brand wood stoves, wood stove inspections and chimney maintenance. It was called the Winchester Fireplace and Stove Centre. His business flourished in the Winchester area for 27 years.

Larry worked alongside his father as a teenager and in 2005 after his father had died, Larry continued on with the business.

“On Larry’s days off he would help his dad and that is how he got into this,” said Shellie.

Although Winchester Classic Stove Centre was founded in 2005, owner, Larry Faulkner’s experience in the hearth industry extends well beyond this fifteen-year period. Larry still service’s clients whose wood burning units were installed by Winchester Fireplace and Stove Centre, owned by Larry’s father.

His father was more or less a one-man business. “I used to help out where I could,” remembers Larry. “It got to be more and more where he could only do less and less and I would do more and more.”

After his father died, the Winchester location was closed, and Larry and Shellie re-opened it under a slightly different name. “I carried on my own business.”

Shellie said, “our core business is wood.”

As a second generation Heartland, Elmira, Napoleon and Osburn dealer, Larry has seen many industry changes, first hand, and is able to answer installation and operational questions. Winchester Classic looks for Canadian suppliers whose warranties are an indication of the quality of the product offered.

As well as offering wood burning units and chimneys, Winchester Classic also has access to a variety of industry accessories, and he is Wood Energy Technology Transfer, (WETT) certified.

The centre does not sell or service any form of pellet or grain appliances.

Their show room is open seven days a week at the convenience of their clients. Making an appointment to check out the centre’s great stoves is a must.

The couple have turned their passion for classic stoves and a commitment to continue the tradition set by Jack Faulkner into a thriving, healthy and professional family business.

It is not unusual for homeowners to try and install their own fireplaces and wood burning stoves and it is not unusual when Larry is inspecting them that he finds inefficiencies in the work they have done, that should be looked at to ensure a safe and efficient stove or fireplace.

These days a wood stove versus a gas or oil burning furnace is becoming more competitive price wise.

Larry explained his customers are able to find just what they want when it comes to a classic looking and efficient wood-burning stove.

“The Elmira stove line is perfect if you are looking for an antique kitchen look. I am an Elmira dealer as well as a dealer for Osburn products, those are my two main carriers.”

Putting a wood-burning stove in your house can be a straightforward process. Larry said once a location has been chosen for the stove, he looks for the best path for the chimney.

“We try to go up through the envelope of the house but sometimes that is not possible, so you have to go out the exterior of the house. Every situation is different.”

He said he does everything from the hearth pad right through to the chimney, whenever he does an installation.

As simple and romantic as a wood stove or fireplace may seem to be, there is still maintenance to be done to ensure the stove works properly and is safe to use.

Larry said often a poorly operating wood stove needs its chimney cleaned as the buildup of creosote over time begins to block the flow of air going up the chimney, not to mention the potential for a creosote build up to catch fire.

Since the chimney is open to the outside, there is always the chance a bird or animal might chose the chimney as a nice place to explore.

“One time we had a wood duck in our chimney. We thought it was a sparrow. We put a bag over the throat of the chimney coming into the house and waited for it to fly into the house. I twisted the bag shut and took it outside to let it loose and when I dumped the bag a duck flew out.

For more information about the Winchester Classic Stove Centre and the lines of wood stoves they sell and service, call 613-652-1678 or 613-229-9103. You can email the store at or go to their Facebook page.

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