EMBRUN – EVB Engineering has been awarded a contract for a water system design in the township of Russell at a cost of roughly $352,550.43.

Executive director of infrastructure services Jonathan Bourgon made the recommendation during the municipality’s April 4 council meeting. It was noted that the projects are to be financed by the residents of the impacted streets once the project moves to the construction phase. If some projects don’t proceed to construction, Bourgon said the engineering fees would be financed through Russell’s Water Reserve.

The design is to cover six sections. These include Bourdeau Project North at roughly $44,765.75, Bourdeau Project South at roughly $93,410.47, Bols/Drentrex at roughly $45,824.81, Heritage/Trillium at roughly $112,044.95, Gascon at roughly $27,597.41, and Cousineau/Provost at roughly $22,809.47.

Six companies submitted bids for the project with EVB Engineering being the lowest cost. The highest bid came in at $931,325.

“The administration has analyzed the bid from EVB Engineering, and it meets all the elements specified in the tender document,” the report stated. “Therefore, the administration recommends that the contract be awarded to EVB Engineering.”

The report, which is included in the agenda package for April 4, includes maps of the impacted streets. Links to Russell’s council agenda and meeting recordings can be found on the municipal website (Russell.ca).