EMBRUN – The Township of Russell is ensuring that residents have the information they need about the upcoming municipal election in October.

Staff have added a link to the municipality’s homepage (Russell.ca), which, once clicked, takes the reader to a new page devoted to information surrounding the Oct. 24 election. The information provided covers the voting process, third-party advertising, and becoming a candidate for the next council.

The requisite information includes a link to the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC)’s VoterLookup.ca page, where residents can find out if they’re on the voters’ list, update their information, or change school support, and, if they’re not on the list, they can be added to ensure there are no difficulties when it comes time to place their votes. To vote in the upcoming municipal election, one must be at least 18 years of age and a Canadian citizen who either owns, resides, or rents property in Ontario.

The link for residents considering becoming a candidate in the 2022 municipal election includes information on the nominations process, as well as a list of key dates, and links to more information, including the Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs’ 2018 Candidates’ Guide for Ontario Municipal Council and School Board Elections. The document outlines what it means to be on council in terms of time, effort, and responsibilities.

Nominations for the next municipal election open on May 2 and will close Aug. 19 at 2 p.m. The voting period will run from Oct. 19 until 8 p.m. on election day, Oct. 24. Russell’s new council will attend the inaugural and first regular council meeting on Nov. 21.

The current council will continue as before until Aug. 19 when the lame duck period begins. Council’s power to act will, at that point, have some restrictions. The current Russell council includes Mayor Pierre Leroux, and councillors Mike Tarnowski, Jamie Laurin, André Brisson, and Cindy Saucier.

MPAC’s voterlookup.ca is not used for provincial or federal elections. The upcoming provincial election is set for June 2. To check if you’re on the provincial voters’ list, visit elections.on.ca. There is no federal election scheduled in 2022, however, residents can check their status on this list as well as by visiting elections.ca.