Premier Exhibitor
John and Ryan Devries had 140 points and the aware was presented by Kelly Fawcett Mathers, TD Canada Trust. Morin Photo

DIXONS CORNERS – The annual Dundas Soil and Crop Improvement Association’s, (DSCIA) Seed and Forage Show took place on Fri., March 11 at the Matilda Township Community Hall.

This was the first in person show since 2021 when pandemic regulations made bringing exhibitors together almost impossible.

The show featured 35 exhibitors, five cakes in the cake decorating contest and a healthy 150 plus attendance.

There were 20 awards handed out at the end of the show and one winner for the best-decorated cake, which went to Stephanie Tibben.

Brian Vandenberg the president of the DSCIA said in his 2021 president’s report that despite all that was going on with the pandemic, little would stop the organization from staying connected.

He said, “Our year started with Zoom meetings to organize our 2021 AGM. We organized a makeshift seed show at Tibben Farms Inc. with winners entering the Ottawa seed show.”

In December, the association held their 2021 AGM, this time in person at the Chesterville Legion.

Stephanie Tibben was the winner of the best-decorated cake competition. There were five cakes in the competition and everyone at the event voted for their favourite looking cake. A total of 150 votes were cast.

Tibben said she had never submitted a cake in a decorating competition.

“My brother in law encouraged me to do it and it had to be crop scenes for the seed show,” she said.

“I researched drawings of wheat and clover thinking of how the icing works and what I could do with it.”

The next step was taking the drawings she found and figuring out how to reproduce them with icing.

Tibben said not only does the cake have to look great, it also has to taste great.

She was happy to win the best cake decoration award. “I do my best to make things look as realistic and life-like as possible like with my flowers. I knew there would be competition out there, and the other cakes were nicely done.”

Her determination to make wonderfully decorated cakes came after she made a birthday cake for her daughter. She liked what she did, but decided she wanted to do better and then began researching more about cake decorating techniques.

The result was her winning entry at the Seed Show.

Dundas seed, forage and agricultural show, March 11, 2022, awards’ list

  • Premier Exhibitor award was John and Ryan Devries with 140 points. The award was sponsored by TD Canada Trust.
  • Reserved Premier Exhibitor was Puenter Farms with 113 points, sponsored by Agri- Partners Crop Centre Ltd.
  • Premier First Time Exhibitor was won by Oak Valley Farms and was sponsored by the Henderson family in memory of Francis Doreen Henderson.
  • Premier Forage Exhibitor was won by Dave Pemberton, sponsored by Scotia Bank. Reserve Forage Exhibitor was John and Ryan Devries sponsored by Summit Seeds. Champion Forage Exhibit was won by John, Martin, and Pam WesterVelt. It was sponsored by RBC Royal Bank.
  • Reserve Champion Forage Exhibit was won by John and Ryan Devries and was sponsored by Pickseed.
  • Champion Haylage Exhibit won by John, Martin, and Pam WesterVelt, sponsored by Harvex Agromart Inc.
  • Champion Haylage Quality Exhibit, won by Oak Valley Farms, sponsored by Ottawa Valley Harvestore.
  • Champion Dry Hay Exhibit won by John and Ryan Devries, sponsored by SynAgri.
  • Premier Seed Exhibitor won by the Winchester Research Station, sponsored by BroadGrain Commodities.
  • Champion Shelled Corn won by John and Ryan Devries, sponsored by Fife Agronomics Inc.
  • Champion Ear Corn won by Dave Chambers, sponsored by Pride Seeds.
  • Champion Corn Silage, won by John and Ryan Devries, sponsored by Leeder AgriServices.
  • Champion Cereal Exhibit, won by the Winchester Research Station, sponsored by The Cooperators Insurance Company.
  • Champions Soybean Exhibit won by John and Ryan Devries, sponsored by Summit Seeds.
  • Champion White Bean Exhibit won by the Winchester Research Station, sponsored by Leeder AgriServices.
  • First Place Wheat in Field Crop Classes won by the Winchester Research Station, sponsored by Agri-Partners Crop Centre Ltd.
  • Champion Special Shelled Corn Bin Class won by Tibben farms, sponsored by MacEwen AgriCentre Inc.
  • Champion Baker, won by Stephanie Tibben, sponsored by Vanden Bosch Farms Inc.