Dave Tettmar and Laura Greenberg are shown inside their Chesterville studio. Courtesy Photo

Railroad Recording Company

CHESTERVILLE – The Railroad Recording Company, located on a quiet street in Chesterville, officially opened in 2021. It is owned by Dave Tettmar and Laura Greenberg, professional musicians with each having over 20 years’ experience in the field.

Dave was eight years old when he began recording music and since 12 years of age has worked as a professional musician. In 2001, he studied recording production and sound engineering and eventually became a partner in a recording studio in England. Dave has won many awards such as the Blues Matters Writers’ Poll for best drummer and the Kent Musician of the Year and been featured in several magazines such as Classic Rock and the NME. He has toured internationally “playing everything from rock and blues to classical and theatrical productions.” 

Laura began her musical career as a teenager playing in rock bands, before studying music at Ottawa’s Carleton University where she received the University Medal in Music. The Maple Blues Award honours Canadian musicians and she has won the Maple Blues Award for bassist of the year on two occasions. She continues to tour internationally and has been on stage with Chad Smith of the Red-Hot Chili Peppers as well as Buddy Guy. “In June 2021, Laura was featured on the cover of Bass Player Magazine, and she proudly endorses Eden Amplification, GHS Strings, and Westone Audio” explained Dave.

After purchasing their home in Chesterville, Laura began creating studio space “to use for rehearsals, and teaching music.” She decided “to transform the space into a professional recording studio.” 

“We are open to any type of recording project and have already worked on some unique recordings” explained Dave. 

There are many services offered by RRC to musicians including music lessons on “bass, guitar, ukulele, drums and piano” as well as videos, on-location sound and recording and “recording/mixing/mastering/editing, etc., which are typical at recording studios.” Professional sound equipment, such as PA systems and microphones, have been provided to local events such as fundraisers by their business.

“Railroad Recording Company has already worked on some unique projects,” said Dave. One involved assisting a local musician complete his songs, recording them and guiding the musician to release “a full-length album.”

“We organized an album launch concert, and the album is now available on iTunes and Spotify.  “An old radio interview which had been recorded on a decaying cassette tape” was brought to RRC. The audio was converted to a digital format then cleaned up using “some studio tricks” and can now be easily listened to by the owners explained Dave.

When asked about challenges, the couple explained the distance for clients to travel can be a bit of an obstacle to overcome. As well, the recording studio’s location in the country could make it more difficult for the RRC to be “taken seriously as an industry standard, professional recording studio.” Laura continued to say that the rural location is quieter than in the city and provides an opportunity for musicians to concentrate on their craft, as well as allowing RRC to offer “clients professional quality at affordable rates.”

There is a lot of dedication and persistence needed for people planning, to work in the musical field, commented Laura, noting you can’t “be afraid to put yourself out there and try” for no other person has the perspective and voice you possess. She continued how despite the passion felt by musicians, there is value to the art, and musicians should be compensated.

Since moving to Chesterville, Laura and Dave have realized there is a thriving artistic community in Winchester and Chesterville. This spring, RRC is offering the winner of the song writing category of the “Writing in 150” contest, studio time to professionally record their composition. The contest is being planned by A Bunch of People Arts and Events organization. RRC is planning a concert series in venues around North Dundas with performances by local and touring artists in the future.

More information on the Railroad Recording Company and booking studio time or taking music lessons is available on their website, www.railroadrecordingcompany.com, their Facebook or Instagram accounts or by email at railroadrecordingcompany@gmail.com. Dave can be reached at 613-880-9858 or Laura at 613-898-1115. 

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