Keith Ardron, owner of Ardron Landscapes Inc., a Mountain-based landscaping company, said his business is “as full service as we can possibly be.” The company provides design work, as well as stonework, carpentry, horticulture, lighting, restoration, and water feature services. To see more photos of their work, visit Courtesy Photo

Ardron Landscapes Inc. creates backyard vacation spots for clients

MOUNTAIN – “We are as full service as we can possibly be,” Keith Ardron said.

Ardron Landscapes Inc. offers clients personalized attention and quality work from beginning to end, starting with a no-fee consultation meeting for design options. The local landscaping experts also offer stonework, carpentry, horticulture, lighting, restoration, and water features’ services. They operate Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

“Whatever we don’t do, we work closely with a lot of other sub-trades that offer everything from pool installation, custom carpentry, porches, and things like that,” Ardron said. “So, generally, our designs are fairly wide ranging. We’ll really take a holistic approach to the whole yard and try to listen to what the client is really hoping to achieve in that property, and eventually make their dream backyard vacation space a reality.”

Ardron said he’s been one of the lucky ones in terms of COVID-19 impacts. To comply with provincial mandates, he’s had to make changes in how he interacts with clients, but some of these modifications have turned out to be beneficial.

“The Zoom meetings, I’ve actually grown to find them more functional because of the ability to share my screen,” Ardron said. “I’m able to make design changes live, and I find a lot more flexibility on presenting the 3D designs that we do, and I think clients have responded pretty well to that.”

Although his business was initially shut down for a few months, Ardron said the pandemic has increased his business. He said he’s almost completely booked for the 2022 season.

“With everyone being stuck at home and not able to go on vacation, we’ve just had a huge uptake in landscape work,” he said. “It seems that the people that usually have the disposable income to go on vacation, are now putting that money into fixing up their own house and making that vacation happen in their own backyard.”

Ardron said he recognizes that things could change in the future, as pandemic regulations ease and people begin travelling again. For now, he’s making the most of the opportunities that are coming his way, ensuring each client gets the personalized attention they deserve.

“The design and build packages that we offer is what we find the most popular,” he said. So, we would start with a client, generally with a blank slate or an outdated yard, and they would come to us with their exact wish list centred around how their family wants to use the property, whether that’s putting in a new pool, hot tub, outdoor kitchen, great entertaining patio, and fire pit. That kind of thing has been really popular because everyone’s been forced to socialize outdoors so much. It’s really pushed the popularity of making that outdoor living room, essentially.”

Ardron said his company excels at planning and design. He said it takes considerable planning to ensure the items needed to complete the job are available when needed, especially now with the many pandemic-induced supply chain issues.

“I think the other big thing that sets us apart is our design imagination,” he said. “We really try to put ourselves in the client’s shoes and design their space for them. I do feel like we try to really custom tailor our designs for the client, not for us.”

Ardron said he generally meets with new clients on their property in the fall. He then spends the winter months working on the design and planning. Work is done in spring and summer.

“I find we’re in and out of a job as quickly as possible,” Ardron said. “I think homeowners appreciate it because it’s a fairly invasive process having your property dug up and reconfigured, so we try to make that as seamless a transition as possible.”

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