A tasty cake depicting one of the ships from the lost Franklin expedition. Courtesy Photo

Art so good you can eat it

You never go wrong with a perfect cake.

Jody Beaudry has a cake baking business called Frostings in Embrun.

Beaudry will take on just about any cake project. She likes to make cakes that will have a special meaning for the people that will get them.

The cakes she makes reflect her artistic streak, in fact, her products are as much cake as they are an artistic endeavour.

“You have to love what you do and be artistic as well,” said Beaudry.

“I enjoy painting and sculpting and creating, and so, I put it all into what I do. I make anything from sugar cookies to cupcakes to cakes. Anything and everything to do with any kind of celebration you are into,” she said.

She describes her cakes as edible art. She bakes any and all kinds of cakes from wedding cakes, fondant cakes, customized and unique birthday cakes, anniversary cakes as well as 3D sculpted cakes, cupcakes and decorative cookies and sugar cookies.

She explained that anyone could get a cake at the grocery store.

“They are wonderful, but I want to give you that ‘wow’ factor.”

Beaudry started up her cake business in 2007.

She is prepared to make any kind of cake you want to celebrate with.

She likes to be able to use the kind of artistic edge that she has with her cakes.

“Sometimes people do not know what to buy. They will be looking for something special and creative. They come to me, and I try to give them that,” she said.

Her business, like her cakes is all about the people she meets and the feedback she gets from her customers.

“I make everything from scratch,” she said.

She has a cake studio and does all her work from home.

Her baking is not done in a walk-in bakery atmosphere, mostly because her cakes are all customized for people for a particular celebration and theme. Her clients order online or call her and then they simply pick it up.

The idea of owning a cake making business was not the kind of thing Beaudry had ever dreamed she would have.

Her passion was art and baking.

Being a mother with three boys, she was always making them cakes. At one point her family suggested she bake cakes full-time.

She realized that this could be a way for her to stay at home with her children and still do something meaningful and that she loved.

“I waited until my children were in school and then I started. Since then, it has been full speed ahead.”

She said she was very lucky to be able to do something she loved.

I am still here for my family when they need me, even though they are a lot older now.  

Beaudry is not afraid to take on challenges.

She remembers, before Covid she would go to Cornwall to take part in a themed event at the Ramada Inn.

“It is a beautiful event and every year we would have a theme. One year we did Marilyn Monroe, casino night and Havana nights for example.

“I have always done the cake.”

She even had a revolving cake.

“The most challenging cake was for Prime Minister Harper. At the time, everyone was searching for the remains of the lost Franklin expedition. They wanted a cake to celebrate the occasion when the ship was finally found.”

After researching the expedition, Beaudry was able to make a cake in honour of the expedition.

“I recreated the whole ship. The ship had gotten stuck in the ice at an angle, so I had to make the cake showing the angle of the ship some of the water and even the icicles that would have been on the ship. I was so nervous,” she remembers.

“I got to cut the cake.”

She said she never does a simple cake; she likes to be creative about it.

“I want the cake to have a special meaning for the people getting it.”

“I am so lucky to be able to do what I do. It’s great that I can get up each morning and know I will be doing something I love. You have to try and find joy in everything,” she said.

For more information about Frostings, you can look them up on Facebook and connect with them there or call 613-443-9464.

Frostings is located at 153 Maple Grove Street, Embrun, Ontario.

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