A Bunch of People spread some holiday spirit during their matinee and evening performances of A Canadian-made Christmas Story accompanied by Christmas music on December 18 at the Old Town Hall in Winchester. The show was “absolutely amazing, the audiences fantastic, engaged and wonderful to perform to” commented ABOP president Amanda Burger. She mentioned Santa made a surprise visit to the event during which he announced how due to environmental concerns naughty children will no longer receive two lumps of coal, but rather “a pair of smelly socks.” Burger was pleased to announce that over one thousand dollars has been raised over the year by ABOP events which will be provided at a later date to House of Lazarus for distribution as required. From the left: Harmony Koiter, Gabriele Thomas, Tony Glen, Sandra McNeill, Amanda Burger, Patrick Berger, Rick Ventrella, Amy Johnson, Suzanne Millaire and Stephen Wilmink. Thompson Goddard Photo