The launch of Maggie Wheeler’s latest book, “All Will Fall Together”, was also an opportunity to raise funds and provide information for the FGTR 1008 project. From the left, front Row: Don Whiting, Craig Stevenson. Back Row: Shaun Milligan, Jim Beckstead, Gardner Sage, Maggie Wheeler, Kirsten Gardner. Absent from photo: Jim Brownell, Russell Miller. Thompson Goddard Photo

MORRISBURG – There was an air of excitement at Stone Crop Acres Winery on Nov. 27, when Maggie Wheeler launched her sixth book featuring Farran Mackenzie and the land of the lost villages of Eastern Ontario. The event launching “All Will Fall Together”, also served as a fundraising opportunity for the Friends of Grand Trunk Railway 1008.

Wheeler is a member of this organization which seeks to provide this historic train with “cosmetic non-functional restoration after stabalizing the train” according to vice chair Jim Beckstead. It is currently located near Crysler Park on a piece of track next to Aultsville Station. Beckstead continued the group have signed a formal agreement with the St. Lawrence Parks Commission giving ownership of the train to the Friends of Grand Trunk Railway 1008. He confirmed that fundraising for the project was now underway with future events now in the planning stages.

Author Maggie Wheeler began her presentation by mentioning this event, which featured an afternoon and evening presentation; it was one of the first times she had been able to meet and visit with people at a public event. She spoke of the challenges Covid-19 had presented both for herself as a writer, as well as society in general and how it had reactivated the “we are just going to get it done” muscle. Before reading selections from her newly published book, Wheeler spoke on the need to ensure the survival of Grand Trunk Railway 1008. This is not the first time a committee has been formed to preserve the train, in fact, Kirsten Gardner mentioned as she introduced her son Gardner, chair of the committee, this was her second time working to try to save the train. Wheeler mentioned it is important to “take care of our legends”.

People were mesmerized by Wheeler’s readings which provided a hint of the storyline in her newest book. She explained that due to supply chain issues, the book was not available for sale at the event but expected it would be delivered to her residence in early December. She explained how a portion of the book sales at the launch will be provided to the FGTR 1008. More information is available either on her website or Facebook page.