The Camino LVS Inc. and the Long Sault Logistics Village Development project will have an impact on the surrounding area. Courtesy Photo

LONG SAULT – Township of South Stormont politicians were recently presented with an overview of the Long Sault Logistics Village Development project.

“We were waiting for this presentation for a while and we’re very excited to hear what’s in this presentation this evening,” Mayor Bryan McGillis said, welcoming the Camino LVS Inc. team’s delegation. The company was exempted from the township’s procedural bylaw restricting delegations to no more than 10 minutes. “I want to make sure that council and everybody has enough time to ask the questions and any comments they want to make.

During council’s Nov. 10 session, Planner Paul Hicks led the formal presentation, which included information about the company itself, why they’ve chosen Long Sault, the concept plan and vision, and a project roadmap. The 680-acre site is in Long Sault, south of Highway 401 and north of the CN subdivision line.

Camino LVS defines a logistics village as a freight-and-goods-movement hub that provides connections between rail and highway transportation corridors. Logistics villages can also include warehousing or distribution centres. Camino said they chose Long Sault because it provides access to four key modes of goods transportation, which includes air, ground, water, and rail.

“I think the community should look forward to receiving this development proposal,” South Stormont director of planning and Building Karl Doyle said. “I know from my staff and all staff within the township are looking forward; this is a very important project, and we look forward to working with this team.”

The roadmap presented includes five phases of which only the first three were outlined. Phase 1 – Due Diligence was completed last year, while Phase 2 – Approvals have been completed this year. In 2023, Phase 3 – Development will begin, which will include the submission of additional planning approvals, the start of construction on the rail yard, and the development of onsite infrastructure.

“I’ve been around in this political world for quite a while and this is probably the biggest project, other than the Seaway that happened back in the late 1950s,” McGillis said. “We’re all looking forward to making sure that things are done right and ensuring everything is going to work in our favour. We have 775 acres there and it’s heavy industrial in that property and I can’t think of a better industry going in that area than what’s coming. It’s clean.”

To learn more about Camino LVS Inc. and the Long Sault Logistics Village Development project, visit the project website ( The presentation slides can be found in South Stormont’s Nov. 10 agenda package.