CHESTERVILLE – Some Chesterville residents have been experiencing a brownish coloured water when they turn on their taps.

Recent complaints have prompted the municipality to issue a statement regarding the complaints about coloured water.

“The township of North Dundas and the Ontario Clean Water Agency are aware of coloured water being detected by some residents in the drinking water system serving the Village of Chesterville,” states the statement.

The municipality initiated an action plan a year ago. The plan was to do maintenance to the main production well, cleaning out the pipeline that brings water to residents from the well to the reservoir. The reservoir was cleaned, and the distribution system was flushed; all of that was accomplished.

The release from the municipality stated: “Coloured water typically occurs due to mineral sediments in the water which, if disturbed, result in brown, yellow or red coloured water in the distribution system. Any event that uses a large quantity of water such as watermain breaks, fire-fighting, or other high flow demands in the system can disturb these sediments and result in coloured water.”

North Dundas Public Works has said sediment are minerals that naturally occur in groundwater sources, such as iron and manganese. These minerals can cause a change in the colour of the water but are not considered to be dangerous. The water is regularly tested by the Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA) and meets the provincial drinking water regulations set out by the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation, and Parks (MECP).

The best advice given by the municipality is to run your taps for 10 to 15 minutes to clear the water. Public Works are asking residents to call them at 613-448-3098 if they cannot get rid of the coloured water after running their taps for a while.

At the same time residents have been dealing with coloured water, the municipality has been working on repairs to the Chesterville Water Tower.

The Chesterville tank has a capacity of 125,000 gallons of water.

A report by Landmark in 2019, pointed out that the tank needed both minor and major rehabilitation. The report stated that: “Major rehabilitation work cannot be further delayed.”

The report listed several areas of the tank that needed attention.

  1. Exterior coating (2006) of the tank is in poor condition. Over coating and full replacement of the paint;
  2. The interior inspection also showed that there are several corrosion cells and areas on the floor where the coating is completely gone. Complete replacement of the lining system is recommended;
  3. Some miscellaneous repairs, safety upgrades and site work was also recommended, including replacing the existing ladders and fall arrest systems.

The Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA) has been maintaining and operating the township’s water system including the Chesterville overhead water tank / tower. Based on initial estimate, OCWA has proposed a construction budget of $1.676M including contract administration and inspection services.