From the left: South Stormont Deputy Mayor David Smith, SDG warden Allan Armstrong, Andre Pommier, South Stormont Mayor Bryan McGillis. Thompson Goddard Photo

LONG SAULT – A small group assembled at the eastern roundabout on County Road 2 early in the morning of Aug. 20 to officially recognize the donation of two elements: a ship’s anchor and decorated canoe on display at the location. 

A few years ago, diving enthusiast Andre Lafleche discovered a ship’s anchor in the St. Lawrence River west of Cornwall; facilitated its removal and refurbishment before donating it for display at the roundabout. Lafleche is quoted in an Aug. 20 press release provided by SDG corporate communications director Todd Lihou saying how “Relics, like the anchor, are part of our local history. He added the connection between the Municipality of South Stormont and “the St. Lawrence River, the seaway and the Lost Villages have been cemented over the decades,” with the anchor on the eastern roundabout in Long Sault providing visual evidence of that connection.

At the roundabout, opposite the ship’s anchor is located a fibreglass canoe, donated by South Stormont resident Andre Pommier and painted by Ottawa artist Robbie Lariviere. Lariviere commented how the art on the canoe was “painted with spray paint” and when asked about the style of the painting, replied that “it’s tricky describing the style as it’s v pop art culture as well, but for sure a form of graffiti.”

Pommier commented how he felt it would be great to have a piece of art at the roundabout with the canoe provided a base for illustrations. South Stormont Deputy Mayor David Smith facilitated Lariviere to provide the artwork on the canoe. It is expected the canoe will be on display during the warmer months and will be replaced during the wintertime with a holiday themed display.

SDG warden Al Armstrong commented on the beauty of travelling along County Road 2, with the work being done to enhance the waterfront throughout the United Counties shows the pride of residents in their communities. He noted the beautification work is made possible with the collaboration of all four levels of government working together. South Stormont Mayor Bryan McGillis echoed the words of Armstrong and noted the beauty of the Long Sault Parkway and County Road 2. Smith reminded those that were present the importance of community involvement in projects like this one being celebrated today.