All of the existing crosswalks in Chesterville and Winchester will be upgraded to the kind of crosswalk found in Winchester at St. Lawrence Street and Wintonia Drive. The big difference will be the use of flashing lights to signal that the crosswalk is in use. Morin Photo

WINCHESTER – Concerns over the effectiveness of two designated crosswalks, one in Winchester then the other in Chesterville have prompted the municipality to upgrade both locations.

The council agreed to replace the existing pedestrian crosswalks located at Main Street at Christie Lane in Winchester, and Main Street at Church Street in Chesterville, with level 2, Type C crosswalks.

The decision was made at the municipalities July 13 regular council meeting. These types of crosswalks have regulatory signs, warning signs, and pavement markings. This type of pedestrian crossover only uses side-mounted regulatory signs and rectangular rapid flashing beacons (RRFBs).

Currently North Dundas utilizes several pedestrian crossings, one in Winchester and another in Chesterville. Winchester has one at the corner of Main Street and Christie Lane and a level 2 crosswalk at the corner of St. Lawrence Street and Wintonia Street as well as a mid-block controlled pedestrian crossing at St. Lawrence Street and Clarence Street.

Chesterville has a controlled crossing at Main Street and Church Street which would be converted to the level 2 design.

According to a report submitted by the North Dundas Public Works’ Department municipal staff had received requests from residents for additional controlled pedestrian crossings. The bulk of the requests centred around the existing crosswalk at Main Street and Christie in Winchester and in Chesterville at Church Street.

A pedestrian crossing assessment was undertaken.

The assessment showed that the number of pedestrians is greater than 100 over an eight-hour period during school hours. The number of vehicles using the area was greater than 750 vehicles on Main Street in Winchester over an eight-hour period, which worked out to 8,700 vehicles per day. In Chesterville the study found that over an eight-hour period on Chesterville’s Main Street totalled 2,500 vehicles per day.

The report concluded: “These crossings will be similar to the crossing at St. Lawrence Street and Wintonia Drive in Winchester. This type of crossing will also create consistency across SDG on Counties Road for pedestrian crossings.”