WINCHESTER – North Dundas councillors decided on a compromise over banning truck traffic in South Mountain on Bridge Street and Sandy Row.

Several weeks ago, complaints from residents had prompted the council to ban trucks from using Sandy Row and Bridge Street as they make their way out of the area.

At the Oct. 6 council meeting, a decision was made to reconsider the earlier decision based on complaints from those who were negatively affected by the truck ban.

At the Oct. 20 council meeting, councillors were again working to come up with a solution to the problem.

The eventual decision was to compromise and lift the truck traffic ban for Sandy Row but keep the ban in place for Bridge Street.

“We need to revisit this,” said Deputy Mayor Al Armstrong who was the one to bring the issue up at the Oct. 6 council meeting. He said based on the letters and emails he had received about the issue, there was a concern that businesses in the area would be impacted in a negative way as a result of a ban.

As part of any compromise, the township would improve road surface conditions and improve signage in the area; the people representing the truck traffic originating from a quarry on Sandy Row, would make an effort to keep their trucks out of high-density areas.

“They want to be good neighbours,” said Armstrong.

Coun. Annable agreed that a compromise would be a better solution to the problem. He said the quality of the road should be improved.

Coun. Thompson said, “I think we should keep it open but look for some signage for schools.

Mayor Fraser said, “We want to keep Bridge Street as a residential street.

“One of the challenges we have to take on is the speed on Sandy Row.”