Calling the IPM “a remarkable success,” North Stormont Mayor Jim Wert commented how the mural “speaks to what great communities and great organizations that we have.” Thompson Goddard photo

FINCH – Five years have passed since the International Plowing Match and Rural Expo (IPM) was held in North Stormont in late September of 2015. To commemorate this important event in our local history, a mural was unveiled in a community park in the North Stormont community of Finch on Oct. 13.

Jim Brownell, who served as 2015 IPM chair, described the mural “as a testament to the dedication and hard work of a great team, as well as the spirit of the event and the wonderful legacy that was left behind in the community.” 

Lesley Moran described the mural as “a high resolution photo of Laura’s original art, blown up and laminated on a Dibond sign, done by Shane Signs of Crysler” and installed by Shane Signs on steel posts.

Laura Stevens of Finch, who designed the winning poster for the 2015 IPM, explained that the theme of her work “was meant to be one that celebrated the agricultural community of North Stormont. We also tied in the themes that pertained specifically to the 2015 IPM, with the sunflowers, the older generation of farmers alongside the new, the plowing tractor, etc.”  

Stevens explained the mural was “commissioned as a commemorative piece by the IPM committee, to celebrate the 2015 Plowing Match that was held in Finch.” Moran explained the mural will “look as good as it does now for many, many years to come” as it is “weatherproof versus an actual painted mural.”

The mural is described as capturing “the spirit of the event, and the wonderful legacy that was left behind in the community” by Brownell. When asked about the legacy of the 2015 IPM, Moran commented how it was “the fact that we were able to donate almost $400,000 to not for profits in SD&G, which includes $100,000 to each of the three hospitals within SD&G.”