Learning about human trafficking Pat Dussault speaks to the group assembled for the “Take Back the Night – Naomi’s Style” evening held on Sept. 17 at the gazebo in the Winchester, 100 Club Park. Thompson Goddard photo

At the event, Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Sergeant Jim Blanchett spoke on many issues facing community members such as mental health, domestic and family abuse as well as substance abuse. Blanchett explained how the OPP are building relationships with community agencies to help ensure people have access to the services they require.  

Miller was pleased with the turnout at the evening event. She explained how due to COVID-19 restrictions, attendance for the informative and entertaining evening was limited, with only 56 people registering for the event. NRC executive director Deborah Thomson told The Chesterville Record how during the early stages of the pandemic lockdown, there was an increase in requests for support received by NRC. The press release describes NRC as being “a Registered Charitable Organization that provides a safe place for women and their children fleeing domestic violence, a 24-hour hot line and numerous services to assist women in need, to return to a safe and independent life.” More information can be found at www.naomiscentre.ca.