Work has already begun on the tennis courts at South Mountain. The tennis courts in Chesterville will have to wait until next year for their renovations. Morin photo

SOUTH MOUNTAIN – The aging rink house in South Mountain is due for a make-over.

The pump that services the library as well as provide water for the rink is housed inside the community rink house where people put their skates; age and use has taken its toll.

The new plan for the rink house is to build a separate building for the pump and maintenance equipment only, and then a second structure or pavilion for the skaters to use to put their skates on.

The pavilion will be wide open.

In the 2020 budget process $10,353 was approved to be spent on the repair or replacement of the rink house. 

The director of Recreation and Culture, Meaghan Meerburg read from a report about the rink house at the Aug. 11, North Dundas council meeting.

She said, “The structure is now planned to be replaced with a 16’ x 20’ wooden pavilion with roof, which will serve the community year-round, instead of just for the winter season. The new structure will also provide more visibility, thereby deterring vandalism and unwanted use, and it will allow for more diverse use.”

Mayor Tony Fraser said, “We need to make sure the pump is good and warm.”

The mayor is hoping to be able to get the necessary work done through community partnerships and by using any unused recreation and culture funds left over from any projects that are under budget.

The South Mountain tennis courts will get some attention as well as the rink house.

The council had to make a choice between fixing up both Chesterville’s and South Mountain’s tennis courts or coming up with a plan that would address both sites.

The cost of repairing both was too much, therefore it was decided to look after the South Mountain court first this year and address the repairs to the Chesterville courts next year.

“The goal was to have both done this year,” said Mayor Fraser, however, “The budget only allowed for one set of courts to get done. It was in very bad shape.

We will do that one right this year, by the end of September.”

The Chesterville double court remains open for use but the South Mountain double court was not opened this season and will remain closed until the work has been completed.