Thank you for supporting the park
From the left: ACAA president, Josee Poirier is shown with a volunteer during the drive-through bottle drive fundraiser for the Avonmore Park held at North Stormont Place on Sun., July 5. Record photo

AVONMORE – Josee Poirier, president of the Avonmore Community Athletic Association (ACAA) commented in a message to The Chesterville Record that “just over $1,500” was raised for the revitalization of the Avonmore Park with a drive-through bottle drive held at North Stormont Place (NSP) on July 5.

Poirier explained that the Covid-19 restrictions resulted in the drive-through nature of the fundraiser. She explained the vehicles were directed to the rear of NSP where the volunteers unloaded the empties while the driver remained inside. She explained there was even a horse and buggy dropping off bottles before continuing their Sunday drive throughout the community.  

After the event, Poirier sent a message to the paper expressing her thanks to all those who donated to the fundraiser– to the volunteers who helped out at the event.  She commented “I am so thankful for the people who live in our community for making this bottle drive a success.” She mentioned how Mike and Joanne Brown, the owners of Barkley’s Store in Avonmore are “always so helpful with fundraisers in the community” and facilitated the pick up of the empty bottles for the ACAA.

She concluded her message by stating “It does take a village to build a community park!”