Classic carnival activites and family fun in Inkerman
Families came out to enjoy a fine winter day on Feb. 2 at the Inkerman Winter Classic. Skating, races and games took place inside the rink, while sleigh rides were the big attraction off the ice. The rides were provided by Bri-McFarms. Organizer Darby Ace said the carnival had something for all ages, and has received great support from local businesses. Morin photo

These volunteers at the Inkerman United Church had their hands full with a good crowd for supper. Pictured here are: Carol Ace (left), Cindy Ace, Cheryl Millard, Tay Ace and Sue Matthies. Morin photo

INKERMAN – The small village of Inkerman held its soon-to-be-a-tradition Inkerman Winter Classic on Sun., Feb. 2.

The weather was perfect and the mood was even better as families from all over came by to enjoy the winter carnival’s afternoon games and dinner at the Inkerman United Church.

All the action took place down by the outdoor rink.

Inside the skate changing shack there was free hot chocolate and popcorn; with people coming and going–to warm up and refuel. There was also a silent auction going on inside the warm skate shack.

Outside there were sleigh rides courtesy of Bri-McFarms. There was even a spare horse by the name of Jake waiting his turn to get harnessed up.

Lia McIntosh kept him company as he nervously waited his turn. She said he wanted to join in.

Outside of the rink there was ice curling and puck shooting contests. There was even a fire rescue truck from the Mountain Township Fire Detachment Station 2. They gave tours to children who were interested.

Inside the rink there was pancake races, human bowling, public skating, pick-up hockey and four-person skiing.

Carnival organizer Darby Ace said, “I like to think it is getting better every year. There is something fun here for all ages.”

She said the carnival has enjoyed a great deal of local business support.

“I grew up in Inkerman,” said Ace. “We had the carnival when I was a kid.” Now, she’s giving another generation fond memories of the Inkerman Winter Classic.