Voters have decided to keep the riding of Glengarry-Prescott-Russell in the red. After a nail-biting race, with Conservative candidate Pierre Lemieux and Liberal candidate Francis Drouin neck-in-neck, Drouin came out on top. While the election has been a tiring experience for Drouin, he still states that he’s eager to get back to work to collaborate with his fellow parliamentarians. “I think collaboration is key and my approach is that I’ve worked with conservatives in a majority government; I’ve worked with conservatives on bills that I’ve agreed with and I’ve worked with NDP on bills that I’ve agreed with and I think that’s going to be a role in the minority government,” he said. After his victory was confirmed, Drouin spoke with supporters at Deja Vu Restaurant & Bar in Hawkesbury. After making a short speech, Drouin invited his wife Kathryn and newborn son Léo-Xavier to share the experience with him and thank them for their love and support (pictured here). Drouin first won the Glengarry-Prescott-Russell riding back in 2015, after winning the seat over Pierre Lemieux who held the position for nine years. As of press time, Elections Canada listed the following voting statistics: People’s Party, Jean-Jacques Desgranges, 1,135 votes (1.8%); Libertarian, Darcy Neal Donnelly, 268 votes (0.4%); Liberal party, Francis Drouin, 29,991 votes (47.4%); Independent, Daniel John Fey, 231 votes (0.4%); Parti Rhinocéros, Marc-Antoine Gagnier, 187 votes (0.3%); Conservative party, Pierre Lemieux, 22,849 votes (36.1%); Formerly Green Party, and current Independent, Marthe Lépine, 2,017 votes (3.2%) and New Democratic Party, Konstantine Malakos, 6,619 votes (10.5%). At press time, Elections Canada had 270 of 271 polls reported. Glover photo