A new start

After three years in business, Kiomi Arias is closing the doors of the Lucky Dollar convenience store; planning to move back to Ottawa for a new start. Glover photo

MOREWOOD – North Dundas residents, once again, are saying goodbye to the Lucky Dollar convenience store for the second time in the past decade.

However, the new owners of the building are planning to continue the business’ legacy.

“As of my knowledge, it will continue as a store,” said Kiomi Arias, departing owner of the Lucky Dollar. “But that’s what they say, I don’t really know, but they are really interested in keeping it running as a store.”

Arias put the Lucky Dollar up for sale back in the first week of April, staying in business for three years after purchasing the establishment in 2016; however, after the relationship with her husband ended and her daughter moved away, the work was just too much for her to manage herself.

“I feel that it was too much for me by myself, I have a seven-year-old and it was too hard to keep up with everything, especially my time with him,” she said. “Working six days a week, 12 hours a day is a little too much for one person.”

After officially selling the building, Arias has big plans for her future which include temporary work and maybe even going back to school.

“Currently, my plan is moving back to Ottawa. I don’t like the driving; I’d love to live here but I couldn’t be driving back and forth working over there,” she said. “I’m moving back to Ottawa and find something to do, probably temporary and just let life surprise me.”

The Lucky Dollar officially closed its doors Fri., Aug. 30 and with it, the local post office as well. Until it is known if the new owners want to continue business with the Canada Post, new community mailboxes have been installed in the Morewood Community Centre parking lot, located at 17 Russell Street.

If you have not received the key to your new mailbox, you can pick it up at the Crysler Post Office, as well as any unclaimed parcels.