Dinner with a view

Guests at the celebration were treated to a delicious meal underneath the golden setting sun. Glover photo

RUSSELL – It’s a been a long, bountiful season for Fiat Farm, and it was time to give back to the community Sat., Aug. 31.

“We’re just celebrating the bounty of our community, the abundance of everything in our community; talent, farmers and the ingredients,” said Meghann Baker, co-owner of Fiat Farm.

“We’re really enjoying seeing what happens when our community comes together and shares something that’s 100 per cent local,” added Nic Baker, co-owner of Fiat Farm.

After a bountiful harvest
Fiat Farm owners Meghann and Nic Baker were extremely thrilled with all the support they received from the surrounding communities and different venues to allow such a huge celebration. Glover photo

Fiat Farm has teamed up with many local partners from grain farms to vineyards to the Russell Farmers’ Market. This celebration is to honour those who worked so hard to provide the successful bounty that Fiat Farms was able to receive.

Included in local bounty this season, Meghann mentioned, “bacon lardons from our pastured pork and potatoes and beets that are grown here in our fields by one of our partners that gardens here.” “Our pastured chicken and then we have wine from Domaine Perrault vineyard in Navan and we also have grains from the fields of Shelley Spruit from Grain Barns in Winchester. Greens grown in a growcer in Ottawa, which is a hydroponic system, we’re hoping to incorporate one on our farm.”

Other partners include ice cream from La Bergerie des Sables and delicious pies from Heirloom Catering.

“We dreamed about having this sort of celebration at the golden hour right from the beginning when we saw just how beautiful it is,” said Meghann. “We just want to share this place.” “It has been really amazing,” added Nic.