Poutine – a Canadian treat
Members of the Psychedelic Squirrels Scout Troop enjoyed their final meal in Canada which included poutine from Chesterville’s mobile Snack Shack with Bill LeClair serving up the tasty treat. This photo, on their Instagram site and used with the permission of Sam Hankin, includes the following comment: “For our last evening meal we had a traditional Canadian meal of Poutine from a specially organized external trailer just for us! It was a lovely treat!” Courtesy photo

MARIONVILLE – The 2019 World Jamboree of Scouts was held in West Virginia in the United States and following this, the UK contingent of 100 Scout units visited Canada, spending time as guests of Scouting groups across the country. 

2nd Russell Scouts hosted the Psychedelic Squirrels, a troop from north of London, England, UK during their post World Jamboree visit to Canada between Mon., Aug 5 and Thurs., Aug. 8. 

The Psychedelic Squirrels have 36 Scouters and four leaders according to Cindy Hauck, a leader with 2nd Russell Scouts. Ben Salva and Rose Chase, two Scouters in the troop, explained that the name was chosen by the members. They added that black squirrels are common both to Hertfordshire and West Virginia with the term psychedelic a fun representation of the different colours of neckerchief worn by the different scout troops. They wanted lots of different colours for their theme as they couldn’t make their mind up to choose one!

The Chesterville Record caught up with both Scout troops during a potluck meal at the Marionville Community Centre on Aug. 6. 2nd Russell Scout leader Cindy Hauck and Sam Hankin, a leader with the Psychedelic Squirrels chatted for a few minutes during the set-up of the Potluck Dinner.

Hauck explained that the local scout group learned last year of the opportunity to host a UK group and felt it would be “a great opportunity” for the young people to meet people from a different country. 2nd Russell applied to be a host group, supplying an itinerary of suggested activities during the visit and were very pleased when they heard their application had been accepted. 

Hankin spoke for a few minutes, explaining that the UK group are Unit 15 from Hertfordshire which is about 30 minutes out of London and commented how the two troops were in Ottawa that day visiting the Parliament Buildings, downtown Ottawa and enjoyed a beavertail treat. Hauck commented they were scheduled, weather permitting, to spend the next day at Calypso Waterpark in Limoges.

After a short conversation, Hankin invited two UK Scouters to describe their experiences here and at the 2019 World Jamboree which brought together over 45,000 Scouters between the ages of 14-18 from 160 countries around the world.

Ben Salva and Rose Chase explained the selection process to attend the World Jamboree began within their district, with Salva adding that 28 people applied for the seven spaces available in his district.

Chase mentioned that she enjoyed the experience of attending the World Jamboree and meeting people from all around the world, mentioning a real sense of community developed at the event and Salva noted that it was a wonderful experience to meet people from so many different cultures.

Both agreed the visit to Ottawa was fantastic with Salva saying he enjoyed the green spaces in the city and Chase remarking on the beautiful and distinct architecture in Ottawa.

On Wednesday following their trip to Calypso the visitors were treated to Poutine, a uniquely Canadian treat of fries, cheese curds and gravy served up by the Snack Shack in Chesterville.  

Early Thursday morning the Psychedelic Squirrels began the final leg of their journey home with many memories of their three weeks in North America.

You can see more photos of the Psychedelic Squirrels’ Jamboree journey to the US and Canada at Instagram.com/unit15wsj.