First time organizer
Abby Zersch (left) organized the House of Lazarus’ Carnival Day for the first time this year with a higher turnout on a brighter day. Also pictured: volunteer Erin Weegar. Glover photo

Game face
Luke Jaquemet tested and perfected his skills at the ring toss game.
Glover photo

MOUNTAIN – With so many summer activities costing a pretty penny for families, it’s nice to have a day of free admission and games with minimal cost to food and drinks.

The House of Lazarus held their second annual Carnival Day Thurs., Aug. 8, giving the local kids a fun day in the sun playing games, having their faces painted and enjoying a delicious barbecue.

“We just set-up some games for the kids, we have stuffed animals and chocolate for prizes, while there are also some comics and some other different toys for sale,” said Abby Zersch, first-time organizer of the House of Lazarus’ Carnival Day. “It’s fun for the kids, especially during August. There’s fairs throughout the month, so we wanted to have something for free because fairs can be quite expensive, the admission prices are just getting higher.”

A yard sale was available to parents and children, selling used toys donated to the House of Lazarus, selling from one dollar to as little as 25 cents. According to Zersch, the participation and spirit was higher this year than last year’s event due to an improvement of weather.

“I wasn’t here last year, but I heard that there was rain and that slowed things down a bit,” she said. “But, thankfully, the weather seems to have held out this year and everyone is enjoying themselves.”