Record breaking
Winchester’s Meet Me on Main Street had the largest turnout during the 2019 event series, reaching numbers close to approximately 1,000 attendees. Glover photo

Dance, dance, dance
The Sons of Gord made their second appearance during the Meet Me on Main Street series, their first being in Morewood.
Glover photo

WINCHESTER – The third Meet Me on Main Street event series throughout North Dundas closed out on Winchester’s main road, bringing in a record-setting crowd.

“It was a really great crowd,” said Brandon Cousineau, North Dundas’ recreational co-ordinator. “It’s hard to pinpoint an exact count but I would say there was about 1,000 in attendance.”

The last Meet Me on Main Street offered a wide variety of food options including Milanos, Mr. Mozzarella, Cup of Jo’s, Iron Forge, Triple B’s and Simply Baked. There was also a special visit from Omid McDonald, founder and owner of Dairy Distillery, producers of Vodkow. Vodkow is a alcoholic beverage that makes use of unwanted milk permeate that would normally be thrown away.

Innovative spirits
Omid MacDonald, owner and founder of Dairy Distillery (producers of Vodkow) had a booth set up to show his new agricultural invention, an alcoholic drink that uses milk permeate.
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Rurban Brewing and Tuque de Broue Brewery were on hand, along with Smokie Ridge Vineyard and King’s Lock Distillery.

This event’s busker, for lack of a better word, sprung into action in the centre of the crowd, demonstrating a variety of impressive tricks and stunts that could make even the toughest crowd member air sick. The family of experts, known as Spring Action, each demonstrated their talents and bravery several feet into the air.

North Dundas Mayor Tony Fraser commented that he was thrilled with another successful Meet Me on Main Street, stating that next year’s events are already highly anticipated.

“Every year has been bigger and bigger in each location, it’s been success and more success each year,” he said. “The crowds have more than ever shown that. The comments I get is that it is anticipated, there’s talk on the street, there’s talk in the grocery stores and in the bank and post office.”

“There won’t be so much an improvement but a refining,” he continued. “I think the buskers are wonderful and I think we’ll have to go with that for another year to see if more tweaks need to be made; not so much a tweak but an addition.”

This year’s Meet Me on Main Street series officially ended with a bang. The events will return next July.