Preserving local history
Gardner Sage is shown near the sign that acknowledges the work done by the first Save the Train committee about 20 years ago. Thompson Goddard photo

MORRISBURG – Jim Beckstead and Gardner Sage are investigating the interest level of people who wish to see the locomotive and cars, located adjacent to the Aultsville Station in Crysler Park near Morrisburg, remain there.

Recently the St. Lawrence Parks Commission announced the intention to divest itself of the train, which has elicited a variety of reactions from residents and non-residents alike.

Sage recently met with The Chesterville Record at Crysler Park and explained that their facebook page [Save the Train (Grand Trunk 1008 – Aultsville)] is one of a variety of methods being used to gauge community interest. If there is sufficient support, a Save The Train group will be formed with a plan to submit an Expression of Interest to the SLPC. Sage added that the plan would be to refurbish and stabilize the train as a monument to local history, adding there seems to be a sense of nostalgia associated with the train.